Monday, May 30, 2011

Made it to Radio

Well Jaydan was mentioned on the Radio this week. For Mother's Day Jaydan and his comp bought flowers for their new convert... Olga Stirbulov. (she's the past pastor that loves Jaydan) Anyway Olga and her friend came to church and told Jaydan that they had heard their names mentioned on the radio. It was something like: "We had a great mothers day Elder Ropelato and Elder Siegel showed thier kindness and took flowers to Olga Stirbulov. How kind and loving these two young men are and the love they share." Jaydan thought that was so cool! (making it on the Radio for doing a good deed) Jaydan and his comp hope that others heard of it too and that it will help them to get in with more people. No one knows for sure who told the Radio station but they thought it was cool and nice that nice things are noticed and mentioned.

Jaydan worked hard this week even with the changes. Jaydan's comp is a bit jealous that Olga loves Jaydan more than him. Jaydan just reminds him that he found Olga and had an extra month with her than his comp. Jaydan loves being loved!

Every Saturday the missionaries like going to the family that gave Jaydan the big pink Teddy Bear. The oldest daughter still isn't a member and so they like teaching her. The family always gives the missionaries hot chocolate and treats. This week the missionaries took them brownies. Uruguay doesn't know what brownies are but the family loves them. (I think the missionaries have taken them before) The family made Modongo (cow stomach) for dinner. The first 2 times Jaydan ate it he hated it but this time he said it was actually good. The mom is a good cook except for cooking pizza. Jaydan thinks that is funny since pizza is an easy thing to make. He loves this family and think they are all awesome.

Jaydan found or heard a little song that has kept them entertained for a few days. It is "fatty on a pole, fatty on a pole...fatty can't get down, fatty can't get down". This song all started because a "big" guy climbed up a pole on New Years so that he could watch the fireworks and he needed help when he wanted to get down. The first of the song is said like you are making fun of someone and then the last part is said super fast. The simple joys of missionary fun.

Much Love
Thee Elder Ropelato

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