Monday, June 13, 2011

Another One from Me

Jaydan found a guy last week that is really strong Catholic. He owns a pretty nice gym and said that missionaries could use it any time. He really isn't interested in changing right now though.

Tuesday right after District Meeting Jaydan got really sick. His insides were killing him and he knew it was going to "lose" it. His house was only about 3 block away and he was able to make it there before relieving himself (from the mouth) He didn't really feel better afterwards and thought resting would help. He layed down for about an hour but still didn't feel good but just decided to work anyway. They went and taught an English lesson and to a meeting with the ward mission leader and Bishop. Not a lot was accomplished that day because of the illness.

Thursday they traveled to a training with the Mission President and just their zone. Before the meeting Jaydan and a "newer" missionary went and worked for a bit. They found a really "dumb" guy. Every time Jaydan would ask him a question he would say "that was a really good question" and then just go on talking. Jaydan just didn't think the guy could really answer the easy questions and was really quite amused by it.

The training was good and they learned a lot of good things to improve the work.

On Friday the missionaries planned their week out. They did it a new way that takes longer but seemed to be good. Then they went to the ward Karaoke Night and had a really great time. Everyone enjoyed the night. Jaydan danced and the missionaries sang and it was one of those "you had to be there" kind of nights.

On Saturday Jaydan went on divisions with Elder Hancock again and this time they worked Elder Hancocks area. They found a pretty cool lady that told them they had made it further than any other missionaries. This kind of thing has happened a few times to Jaydan and it really makes him feel good. They also visited with another guy whose son was baptised and Jaydan didn't really care for him. The guy kept putting the Church down for spending so much money on Temple's when there are so many poor people around the world. Jaydan had to bite his tongue. The guy was quite ridiculous in some of the things he was saying. Needless to say it was a long lesson and nothing good came from it.

"I love you all soooooooooooo much!"
Thee Elder Ropelato

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello from Uruguay

Jaydan and Elder Hancock from the same zone went on Divisions together this week. Elder Hancock almost pooped his pants and that cracked Jaydan up. (I guess he has already once) The day before Divisions Jaydan and his comp had talked to Olga (new convert). She was going to meet with the Bishop and take her friend along so she wouldnt have to walk home alone. While on Divisions Jaydan felt like they should stop by the church. It was a good thing because Olga's friend wasn't there. However a guy was there that needed a blessing and he asked the missionaries to give him one. Jaydan gave him the blessing and then the guy left. It was as if he was just waiting for them. Then they were able to walk Olga home. A friends of Olga's was at her house visiting with family and her friends nephew had a lot of questions and so the Missionaries were able to talk to him. Jaydan thought it was really cool. The best part about the story was this kid had been asking Olga a bunch of questions before she had gone to meet with the Bishop and she had asked the Bishop for help in answering them. Then right as she walked out there were the missionaries and that made her very happy. Jaydan feels like he was in the right place at the right time and following the spirit. It felt good! Olga told Jaydan that she doesn't like him going out of the area. She doesn't want other missionaries coming without Jaydan. She just loves him so much.

During divisions they went to an older ladies house. Her name is Iliana. While they were there another lady showed up. Her name is Laura, and Laura's mom take care of Iliana at night. Laura stopped by to see if Iliana needed anything and said that she just "felt" like she should stop by. Jaydan and Elder Hancock talked with Laura for about 10 minutes but then she had to leave and pick up her daughter. She asked the missionaries not to leave but they had to. They gave Iliana a Book of Mormon with their testimony in it so she could give it to Laura. Two days later they found Laura's house and she told them that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and thanks. So the spirit had guided them again and it was awesome.

Jaydan stopped by a less active members house and she needed help building a fire. Jaydan's comp built her one but it only lasted 5 to 10 minutes. Jaydan built another one which was really good. The lady was making fun of Jaydan's comp and Jaydan just laughed and gave credit to his scouting.

They found another lady named Dianna and talked with her. They thought they were having an awesome lesson until Dianna told them she wouldn't pray and ask if it was true. She said she wasn't interested. She said she doubted there was a God that loved everyone. Why would there be rich and poor and stuff like that if there was a God. They talked to her and we able to get her to believe that there is a God and that He loves her and the whole world.

Well that's it for this week.

"Freaking tons of love"
Thee Elder Ropelato

ps. The mission doesn't accept packages over 2 kilo's (2 1/2 lbs) or shipping that is more than $50. That's a new rule just so you will know.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Made it to Radio

Well Jaydan was mentioned on the Radio this week. For Mother's Day Jaydan and his comp bought flowers for their new convert... Olga Stirbulov. (she's the past pastor that loves Jaydan) Anyway Olga and her friend came to church and told Jaydan that they had heard their names mentioned on the radio. It was something like: "We had a great mothers day Elder Ropelato and Elder Siegel showed thier kindness and took flowers to Olga Stirbulov. How kind and loving these two young men are and the love they share." Jaydan thought that was so cool! (making it on the Radio for doing a good deed) Jaydan and his comp hope that others heard of it too and that it will help them to get in with more people. No one knows for sure who told the Radio station but they thought it was cool and nice that nice things are noticed and mentioned.

Jaydan worked hard this week even with the changes. Jaydan's comp is a bit jealous that Olga loves Jaydan more than him. Jaydan just reminds him that he found Olga and had an extra month with her than his comp. Jaydan loves being loved!

Every Saturday the missionaries like going to the family that gave Jaydan the big pink Teddy Bear. The oldest daughter still isn't a member and so they like teaching her. The family always gives the missionaries hot chocolate and treats. This week the missionaries took them brownies. Uruguay doesn't know what brownies are but the family loves them. (I think the missionaries have taken them before) The family made Modongo (cow stomach) for dinner. The first 2 times Jaydan ate it he hated it but this time he said it was actually good. The mom is a good cook except for cooking pizza. Jaydan thinks that is funny since pizza is an easy thing to make. He loves this family and think they are all awesome.

Jaydan found or heard a little song that has kept them entertained for a few days. It is "fatty on a pole, fatty on a pole...fatty can't get down, fatty can't get down". This song all started because a "big" guy climbed up a pole on New Years so that he could watch the fireworks and he needed help when he wanted to get down. The first of the song is said like you are making fun of someone and then the last part is said super fast. The simple joys of missionary fun.

Much Love
Thee Elder Ropelato

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Change Week

this dog had just got hit by a car and was acting just fine sitting there.

Guayan teas cups

Guayan Puff the Magic Dragon....Caterpillar form

Guayan Bumper Cars

Guayan Swings

Guayan Merry Go Round

Guayan Train

Guayan Bull Ride

and finally.....Guayan Pee Troft

It was change week and Jaydan and his comp are staying where they are.

They had divisions with the Zone Leaders where Jaydan came across the dog. Jaydan and the missionary he was with had a lot of success. They were able to find a lot of really good people and families. Jaydan felt really good about it and thought it was awesome.

Thursday was one of the best days ever. They had a lot of lessons with members which are the best and then normal lessons. (not sure what that means) They also found a "butt load" of good people and one big family. Jaydan only met 3 out of 7 of the members of the family. He's is excited to see what happens there.

They visited with their new convert and some of her friends and had a great discussion. She understands the doctrine so well and adds a lot to the discussions. She loves Jaydan so much and actually gave him a present to give to his mom. (it is being sent)

Four of the missionaries were sitting around talking and it was mentioned how the Old Ladies and little kids all really love Jaydan. The people his age like him but the Old and Young Love him! He likes that!

The missionaries bought the Guayan version of Risk and started playing it this morning. The took a break to write home.

Jaydan feels like his patience is constantly being tried. His comps all seem to be a little trunky which makes it hard to work hard. Jaydan would really love to be put with an obedient, hard working missionary. His goes in spurts though and he is dealing with it. "It is what it is".

*a note to gramps....this new convert is planning on marrying ya and Jaydan is bringing her home with him. ;) Spanish classes might be a good thing to consider. (I think she should learn English if she is coming here)

"I am thankful for you all. I pray for you every's true".

Much Love....Thee Elder Ropelato

Monday, May 16, 2011

what's up lolly pop suckers!!!!

A favorite family of Jaydans in Paysandu`

some of the greatest empenadas ever!

Jaydans first bite of the wonderful empenadas!

Awesome missionary! (lives in California)

Another wonderful missionary who also lives in California.

The Zone Conference was held in Jaydan's first area, Paysandu`. Jaydan was so excited and hoping to go visit with a few of the members. He only had 45 minutes to do so. He had to take a 15 minute bus ride and went immediately to the family he helped convert. He was sad to learn that something had happened and they weren't going. The three boys have grown a lot since Jaydan saw them last. They are a good family regardless. (Jaydan forgot to get a picture of this family which made him sad) The next family is in the family in the picture above. When the dad saw Jaydan he went and gave him a hug. The others guys in the family did too. The daughter came and gave Jaydan a big kiss. Jaydan just sat there in a chair pretty stiff and completely off guard. She noticed his reaction and then asked if he was still a missionary. She thought he was just returning to visit....and off of his mission. She was embarrassed to find out the truth. They just laughed it off. They didn't get to visit much in this area since it is so big and spread out. They almost missed their bus as it was.

When they were on the bus there was a guy standing because there wasn't any more seats. A lady was also standing and Jaydan tried to give her his seat. She wouldn't take his seat. When Jaydan sat back down him and his comp were talking and saying it was a good thing the guy didn't take the seat or Jaydan might just have to punch him. They were joking around and then found out that the guy spoke really good English. They talked to him for about an hour and became pretty good friends. As they talked they switched back and forth from English to Spanish. The guys offered his house to the missionaries and asked them to come visit him since he enjoyed them. He lives in another city though so they won't be able to. He was a funny guy and super cool.

On Friday there was a ward activity and the 4 missionaries had to do a skit. The did one called: A day as a missionary. It consisted of various experiences that happen to missionaries. Ex. Angry dog chasing them, angry people yelling at them, bible bashers, people yelling in other languages at the missionaries, girls trying to seduce them and people trying to kill them. (all these things have happened to these missionaries at some time in their mission) Jaydan's comp and another missionary were the missionaries. Another missionary was a Guardian Angel who protected them from those things and that left Jaydan to act out the rest. It was super funny. Jaydan had his camera and wanted someone to record it but they forgot.

Sunday was interesting. Jaydan wanted to yell at his comp and even throw a chair at him because his comp was fed up and didn't want to work anymore. They stopped by their house to grab something and his comp didn't want to leave or work after. His comp made excuses so they couldn't go out like they didn't have time. It was ticking Jaydan off but instead of fighting and letting things get out of hand he just quit arguing. They stayed in the house until it was time to do splits. That was the only really frustrating thing though for the week and it wasn't too bad.

Much Love,

Thee Elder Ropelato

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Pictures since we talked on Mothers Day

We were able to talk to Jaydan on Mother's Day for just over 2 hours. He is doing great and sounds the same. The time went by really fast on this end. We enjoyed talking to him and hearing his voice. He is wonderful!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Short (I think he just means the letter)

This week was a pretty good one. Jaydan and his comp haven't had the best of luck in finding people. The have been working with old investigators and finding some contacts and getting some referrals. Then after working really hard they got their pay. They found some great people. Olga is getting baptized this week too. Oh and Olga sure loves her "little fatty" aka Jaydan. Olga is so smart and funny and super ready to join the church. She is one of the best people Jaydan has met. I guess she was worshipping the devil directly when she found God. The devil still tries to stop her from going to church and from studying but she is strong and won't give up. Jaydan likes Olga so much he thinks his gramps should think about her. ;)

On Fridays the missionaries play soccer. This Friday it started raining and then harder and harder and the missionaries just stayed and played in the rain. Jaydan said is was super fun. The field was muddy and everyone was falling and so they were all muddy and gross. When Jaydan and his comp got home his comp just walked straight to the shower with his clothes on. Jaydan loves playing in the rain but he doesn't like working in the rain.

Jaydan has a favorite little family that he was having hot chocolate with on Saturday night. While they were talking they asked Jaydan if he thought the girls in Uruguay were cute. Jaydan's response was: "there are girls here?" The boyfriend of the oldest daughter said: "Ya but they walk around with beards." Of course everyone was laughing. (maybe....not sure about the girls) Finally Jaydan admitted that there are some cute girls. The family kept glancing at the daughter who's boyfriend was there and Jaydan thinks that they were suggesting that he come back for their daughter. He just told them that his wife was were she needed to be and he would find her when he was suppose to.

Jaydan ate liver milanesas which were pretty good. Jaydan liked them but his comp didn't.

"Times up....this was short and craptacular".

Mucho Amor de
Thee Elder Ropelato

Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascua (Happy Easter)

The bear hiding under Jaydan's jacket for transporting.

A 8 year old girl gave Jaydan a big pink teddy missing a few parts.

A very clean bathroom. Jaydan said his 3 years of being a janitor have paid off.

These are the hammocks in their room. Jaydan's it the top one because he doesn't want any one falling on him.

Easter in Uruguay isn't at all like the states. Just another Holiday. Jaydan did enjoy the talks on Christ though that he heard in Church.

Jaydan and his comp are doing good together. Even though there are always things about each other that one might not like there are plenty of good things and Jaydan is handling his comp just fine since "he is a big boy now." He has found a place that sells adult diapers and he is tempted . He promised if he bought some he wouldn't poop his pants. (these are the letters we get)

The Pastor Lady that they have been teaching (Olga) is doing so good. Her baptism is scheduled for May 7th. She is always asking Jaydan (her little fatty) when he is going to baptize her. Jaydan thinks she is a sweetheart even if she does just like to talk, talk, talk. She is always so happy to see Jaydan and that makes him happy. She likes to feed Jaydan and always apologizes if she doesn't have something to give him....Jaydan thinks it's funny. Jaydan refers to Olga as the "bee's knees". She is absolutely awesome.

Please pray for Natalia so she can quit smoking. She is an awesome lady but is struggling with her smoking. That would be greatly appreciated since the missionaries have tried every other thing they can think of to help her.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Change Week

"Ok..first of all, yes I am a little bit more chunky. Okay...I am reaching morbidly obese. Okay not really but yes I am fat compared to before and ya I eat a lot and like the food. The reason I am getting a little bit more to love is because all the food is super fattening. Like it is packed with oils and that good fattening stuff so its a killer especially arriving at Winter. It's right here in a month and that's when I will be getting even bigger." (no pictures this week because we noticed his weight increase)

The first week with his new comp went really good. They set some pretty good goals and Jaydan feels good about things. This comp wants to be good with their time which is nice since some of Jaydan's other comps haven't cared much. Jaydan said they worked hard this week and he thinks things will be good. He thinks his comp is doing better than when Jaydan knew him earlier in the mission. He was good with Jaydan's idea's of working on things in this area. He is Elder Siegel from Idaho. Jaydan's last comp was also from Idaho.

Most of the investigators are having a hard time with smoking. That seems to be the main thing that is keeping them from baptism. So it is kind of hard...but "fartin possible". (oh the way he expresses himself) The Pastor investigator is doing so great. She is phenomenal and just plain awesome. She likes calling Jaydan little fatty. She told him that she even baked a cake for him because she knew he would eat it all. But she was alone and she ate it before she could give it to him. Jaydan thought that was so funny. He had been telling his comp about her and how she always had a treat for them and then this time she didn't because she ate it. She said that she was going to make Jaydan a scarf for the winter. Before or even at the first of the mission Jaydan thought that scarfs were pretty "girlirific" but in Uruguay they are the only way. (pretty cold) Last winter the wind snuck through Jaydan's neck hole but with the added weight he doesn't think that would really be a problem this year. hahahaha Jaydan thinks it is funny that he has experienced a little cold since he never has before. He said he is throwing out the word "cold" from his vocabulary since he is the "mini fat Sasquatch". (funny...little man)

A little 8 or 9 year old girl gave Jaydan one of her bears as a gift and wouldn't let him leave with out it. The mom told Jaydan that this little girl has never been as connected to a missionary as she is with Jaydan. The whole family really likes Jaydan and have told him that. They even told him that they cry when he leaves. They said they have never felt like that with other missionaries. Jaydan said if he was having a bad day that him and his comp would go to that house before they went home. He would always leave feeling better. He let them know how much they have helped him too and how much happiness there home has in it. They are Jaydan's favorite family! Oh and the bear that the little girl gave Jaydan is really big. It doesn't have eyes, nose, mouth, arms and only one leg. It's also pink! Jaydan said it is pretty cool and it's the thought that counts.

"Love you all so much.....even more than a dog likes to pee on a big new tree."

ps."we had an empenada party for the ward and my comp and I made breakfast burrito empenadas and the ward went crazy for them."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The pics are of a girl's birthday party. It was for the one in the purple and was held at the house of the blond girls. ("Barbie") The hammock ones are of the missionaries hammock adventures in their back yard.

So they had changes but Jaydan is staying put. Jaydan knew his comp from the first of his mission but said that his comp is super trunky. Jaydan has been with super trunky comps for the last 5 months and this will make that number increase. He said his president just wanted him on babysitting duty and that is fine since he will just grow and learn more from it. It had been a test for Jaydan and will continue to be his test. He's not worried though....he likes his comp and thinks he is cool in spite of being trunky.

This week was pretty good. The work was about the same but having a birthday party made things a bit sweeter. Jaydan was making everyone laugh at the party. They were having a good time joking with each other. They were making fun of Jaydan for eating so much and not getting full. Besides all the treats he ate 7 hot dogs. He said when they did leave he was still hungry. So at least he's eating but as he said the food isn't healthy just fattening as we can see in the pics. Jaydan loves making others laugh and he even said that the Latinos get just as red and white people do when they laugh real hard. He thought the skinny little gal was going to die from laughing so hard. It makes him happy!

Their best investigator for this week is an older lady who is the pastor. She always calls Jaydan "El Gordito" or "the little latty". He has proven her right. He eats all the food she brings and all the snacks as well. She will even send him home with a bag of sweets and tells the others that they are for the "Gordito". (I don't speak spanish but I know that means fat) Jaydan loves eating what he is given but also knows that he needs to be careful so that he doesn't come home super fat. He said he can't find his "six pack" anymore and that it has molded into a Keg. The area feeds the missionaries good.

They tried helping a lady quit smoking by putting tobacco in milk and then having her drink it. Usually it makes the people sick and throw up but she liked it. She threw up a little but not enough and she didn't quit smoking. :(

"Sorry not much to tell this bad but I will chat ya my news next stay tuned next time for words from Elder Ropelato"

Monday, April 4, 2011

His Eyes are Magical

First of all Jaydan said that the people think that he can change the color of his eyes on demand. His eyes will change from really blue to really green and the people are so amazed at that and ask him to do it for them. Jaydan tries to convince them that he has nothing to do with it that it just happens.

This was a busy week. Lots happening but Jaydan said he really did have time to tell us about it. (big teaser.....of course he will tell us about it)

They had an activity for the less active members at the Church were they watched a short movie and had food. There were only a few members there and so the others (less active) knew this activity really was for them and was successful. Jaydan said it was super cool and there were a lot that came and participated.

The missionaries had a family home evening with a recently converted family. The two kids are baptized but not the parents. They had it at "Barbies" house. The ward calls her that because she is the prettiest in the ward. She is reaching out to these two girls though and really trying to help them. When the missionaries went to pick up the family they found out that the dad wasn't going to go with them. It was because the mom didn't want him staring at "Barbie" since she thinks that he would cheat on her. The moms name is Natalia and the dad is David. David was upset that she would think that he would cheat on her after 16 years of marriage. So they had it without David. Natalia was being a jerk to the missionaries. She wasn't acting like herself at all.. Natalia was saying the missionaries or Jaydan's comp was going to marry "Barbie" and take her home with them. She just kept putting them all down. (a little jealous I'd say) It was upsetting everyone and finally Jaydan told her to be quiet. She just laughed and kept it up. Jaydan's comp also tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't. Needless to say the lesson didn't go well. They ended up playing a game together instead. Jaydan felt bad for "Barbie" since she had been working so hard with the girls and was trying to help them and to have Natalia act like that and be so unkind.

Jaydan loved Conference. He thought it was super, super cool. His favorite talks were by Elder Scott and the talke about the to do lists and the to be lists. Elder Scotts got me cause I had so many people in my mind during it all and so I loved it. It just hit Jaydan for the good. All the talks were super good and Jaydan loved the whole conference. An Evangelical pastor named Olga came and really liked it too. She told the Elders she wasn't sure how she was going to tell the pastors she wouldn't be going to their church anymore.

Well this week really was one of the best weeks ever. Jaydan learned a lot, had a successful activity with the less activities and some more good experiences that he couldn't tell us about.

Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Me! It's Me! It's Me!

So this week wasn't bad but it wasn't absolutely great either. Jaydan and his comp had a really long talk and discussed things that they could improve on and how to do it. They discussed some of their hard times in the mission and Jaydan feels like they are together because they both have had some rough times and can understand and support each other. The talk they had was really great and has helped already in understanding why things are done the way they are. It reunified them for sure. Jaydan hurt his thumb really bad this week playing soccer. There were only four missionaries playing but Jaydan ran at the ball full speed to get it across a line and when he kicked it he flew. He didn't fly for long though and crashed down on his back knocking the air out of him. Some how during the flying and falling he hurt his thumb. It was twice the normal size. It was also colorful and very still. Jaydan couldn't move it at all. In fact Jaydan said it looked deformed. (probably dislocated) The next day Jaydan realized just how important a silly thumb can be. He wasn't able to use it at all and it hurt really bad if it was even touched. They were having lunch with some members and Jaydan was really hoping he wouldn't need to cut anything. Well as luck would have it they served meat. It was soft and Jaydan thought he could manage cutting it with his "pointer finger" and his "flying bird" finger. He said it was working but the mom told him to give her his plate and she would cut it for him. Jaydan didn't want to but after much persuasion from the mom Jaydan gave in and had his meat cut up into little pieces. Yes Jaydan felt embarrassed but when he was offered some more he took it and let her cut it up again for him. Jaydan said: "in all honesty I think I liked the baby powder like pampering I got." Jaydan is even thinking about making sure it looks hurt all the time. You know coloring it with markers and such just so he can get that kind of attention. (man....we must of slacked here at home....who knew?) While they were at an investigators house, Jaydan was in charge of the baby and keeping her happy. He thought that was pretty easy since little kids just "pee their pants out of so much joy for him". (in the most humble way of course) Jaydan was playing with one little girl that kept trying to hit him. He kept backing up and dodging her but once when he looked back at the baby to check on it the little girl got him right in the kisser. She also scratched him and it even bled a little. Jaydan misses his "fetching little munchins" (nieces and nephews) He loves hearing about their candid moments and what they are doing. He is looking forward to seeing them again. But while he is away he will be happy with the substitutes that he is blessed with. The way Jaydan ended this email: "Ah fart knocker....slap me twice and throw me in the back of the short bus....I have to go since I don't have much time left. But you know I love ya all or I freakin wouldn't write ya right???.....DUH!!!" (the kid makes me laugh) Much Love from the one and only at times good looking but always so hairy, Thee Elder Rompeplato (Ropelato)

Monday, March 21, 2011

What a week from lovable Me

The pictures are of an area that hasn't had missionaries for 35 years. It is 30 minutes outside of the main area that Jaydan is serving in. There are only like 1000 people in this little place.
"Well how about we start off with this place shall we now....alright good thinking...we will chit chat it up about his place of glory and readiness." (the way Jay writes feels like "home")
The Elders got permission for the Bishop to go and visit this place called La Villa Soriano or El Santo Domingo de Soriano or something like that. One of the members grew up there and he knew a lot of the people and so he was The Guide. The other two Elders from Delores also went. The Guide would tell each group where to go and they each had great success. They found like 14 people between the 5 of them. Jaydan said that the people were so ready. Usually the mission is a lot of work and rejection but his place was amazing. Every house they went to they were able to get in and teach a lesson....a great lesson even. There was only one house that they went to that they weren't able to teach. The memeber (guide) was such a great help. The guides parents gave the Elders lunch. Jaydan said there house was huge...even for here it would be. They had raised 8 kids in that house and each had their own room. It also had a huge yard and a big Bowery. (Jaydan made the comment about them being loaded) The house also had a connecting appartment to it where the grandmother had lived before she passed away. Jaydan's wheels were turning and thought if they were able to get missionaries into this area they would have a place to stay.
Another investigator that they found that day was a lady who had already had the missionary discussions while visiting her son in Spain. She had two sons. One lives in Spain and the other in Mercedes and they are both members. She said that she would have been baptized in Spain but didn't want to if she wouldn't be able to go to church when she returned home. She told the missionaries that the church would be welcomed to use her house for their meetings if they wanted. Jaydan hopes he will get to go back and visit those wonderful people again. He also hopes that a branch will be made and that missionaries will be able to get back in there.

The week was good except for Saturday. Jaydan said: "We won't talk about that because I don't want to sound like a crying baby with a diaper full of snicker bars. (funny kid) Oh and speaking of diapers...we found a place that sales adult diapers and so I am going to buy some. That will be fun and don't worry I won't be pooping in them."
Sunday was one of the best Sundays ever. It was so spiritual and the Stake President came and has a gift for speaking. It was incredible! After sacrament the Stake President wanted to give one of the investigators a blessing to help them to stop smoking. That was another strong spiritual experience....even the lady was crying and felt the spirit. It was a great day! "Oh but it ain't over yet". They also had a Generel Stake Priesthood Meeting and before leaving were able to take the sacrament to two older people from different families. In the conference they concentrated on the youth being the future of the church. How we need to prepare them now so they will be ready for the road that is ahead of them.
On the bus ride home Jaydan put on a comedian show for everyone. At first everyone was just talking to the person they were sitting by but soon focused in on Jaydan. He went on for 45 minutes and had everyone laughing really hard. That makes Jaydan really happy to make others happy.
"Well this is when I will have to say until we chat again. Toon in next week for more words from Thee Elder Rompeplato"

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Man was Strong Enough to Push over a Tree...YES ME

The weather is finally starting to get pretty descent now. It's still hot but there is wind now and so that seems to help. Today is the first time Jaydan felt a chill since he has been in Uruguay. They were eating ice cream in the terminal by the door waiting for the bus and Jaydan felt it (the chill). Jaydan said he was confused about it and was like "whoa what is this stange feeling?"

This week has been like a roller coaster. It went up and down a lot. They started off pretty good and had a couple of good lessons. Thursday they went on divisions with the District Leader and his comp. Jaydan was with the District Leader and their comps were together. The DL is Elder Hamilton form ID and is pretty "sick" (meaning pretty cool). Jaydan really like Elder Hamilton and said that they get along really well and have a good time. Elder Hamilton helped Jaydan quite a bit with everything that happened before this change.. He is just an awesome missionary and guy. Jaydan said he will visit him for sure after their missions. They have quite a bit in common and just work good together. The only bad thing that really happened was the little family with the 5 kids that Jaydan loves so much decided that they wanted to be Catholic. Jaydan knows that their is an outside force telling them different. He knows that they loved church and each of them had even told him so. Even the teachers had said the older girls were looking forward to starting their personal progress. Jaydan plans on checking back with them and finding out what really happened. He loves that family and wants them to be happy.

They have two other investigator aka the 2 moms. They are the moms of recent converts and are sisters. They have a problem with smoking but the missionaries were successful in getting them to read and pray and cut back on the "cigs". They are doing really good and both of them showed up for church yesterday with their kids that just joined.. Jaydan said it was just so awesome to see them there and made him very happy. Those two moms took huge steps this week!

Jaydan is standing up to his comp and not letting things happen that shouldn't. Jaydan just pushes him into doing what they should. He isn't just sitting back now and letting the Senior Comp call all the shots. Jaydan wants to do what they are suppose to so they will be blessed. His comp will say that he is sick so he can sleep in longer and has been doing that for some time and Jaydan isn't letting him get away with it. The President had told Jaydan some of these things about this missionary and figured Jaydan could make a difference and so Jaydan is really trying. He wants his comp to finish his mission strong. Jaydan also wants to prove to the President that he can do what the President hoped for. "It's all good".

Jaydan says that his love for each of us gets bigger everyday. He also extends his love to the Coy family (all of them and especially the Mocks for writing to him) and also all the H-Townians.

Much Love
Thee Elder Rompeplato

ps "I got a letter from Brock Richins who is serving in the other mission. It sounds like he is just loving the mish too and everyone from Fremont is going to that mission. I love that guy, my Brock. Great guy!"

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Week in New Area

This is a picture of Jaydan's favorite family in Carmelo. The girl in the black on the right is considered his sister. The guy in the red is Jaydan's best friend.
Jaydan is getting kicked in the gut by the sisters.
The tree they pushed over in Carmelo.

At a historic site called Call Cludad Vieja (Old City)Jaydan by the bathroom sign....bathroom service free
Pretending to have fallen off of the wall.

"Alright now that that's done we can get started on the quick and short letter. Shall we?.....We shall! But, make sure you keep your hands and legs in at all times....ready.....ok" (This kid makes me smile)
Jaydan loves his new area "Delores". He felt comfortable right away and already loves the people he has met....Jaydan's words..."It is Sicccckkkk!!!" (meaning good)
Jaydan has finally gained the confidence in himself to just talk to people right off the bat. By doing that others like him right off the bat too. He likes this and says it is easier to just be himself. Jaydan and his comp are getting along well. Jaydan will be Elder Guardipee (from ID) last companion.....which is mission talk....Jaydan's going to kill him. Jaydan plans to just help his comp finsih his mission strong.
The Mission President told Jaydan that he was thinking of making him senior comp but felt stronger about Jaydan helping his comp finish his mission. (I guess his comp is sick a lot...or says he is) So Jaydan is cool with that. Jaydan said he should have 2 changes as Jr and 2 as Sr comp.
Even though Delores is small the people are awesome. The ward has been growing in the last 2-3 months. It is the biggest one Jaydan has belonged to and the most organized. They have about 100 people coming to church which is really good. Jaydan said that this ward just works hard to get others there. Missionary work in at the top of this wards list and they work really hard to make things better. Jaydan has never seen anything like it and thinks it is awesome. The mission leader and all the leaders are really great and want to help the missionaries with their work...Such an incredible thing.
They have been working with a family where the mom is less active. There are 5 kids and a few of them showed up for church a few weeks ago. This Sunday all 5 kids and the mom came and all of them said that they loved it. Jaydan is already close to this family and loves them so much. The kids love him already too. The ages of the kids range between 8 and 13. (8,9,10, 11, 13....he thinks)
Friday they played soccer at the church. At the end 5 of the latino teenagers wanted to play the American. The Americans needed one more player so they borrowed one of the latino youth and called him American...not that is his nickname. The Latino's were humbled and Jaydan threw out a cheer for the USA....."GOOOOO THE U.S of A!!!" They won 2-0!
Last night the missionaries went on divisions with some members from the ward to visit less actives. Jaydan and Louis were talking to this one family and they asked where I was from and all that so Jaydan told them he was from the states and Utah. They talked for awhile and sang a hymn and when they finished the dad started laughing and told Jaydan he was not from the states. He said Jaydan sounded just like he was from Argentina and so he must be from Argentina. Jaydan tried to convince him that he was really from the states but he wouldn't believe him until Jaydan used a wrong word and couldn't think of the right one to use. Then the dad said laughed again and said "Alright you are from the states. I believe you now."
"I love you all more than I can express so I am not going to even try."
Much Love
Thee Elder Rompeplato (new nickname)