Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missionary Pictures

This is the picture Jaydan chose to have on his missionary plaque. The guy who gets them for our Ward has been to our house three times already. We needed to get Jaydan a suit before we could get any pictures for it. (the Bishop wanted a suit) And then we had to wait for the suit to be tailored. We got it back the other day and so we went out and took a few pictures. Jaydan wanted something know not like everyone else has. He thought of this pose.

Then of course it is a tradition to get a picture with missionary and mom.
We might need to go get a few more but at least we have some. I like to put pictures of my missionaries all around the house so I can see them everyday. I think it also helps the little kids to remember them.

Jaydan sure is a fun and cute kid. We are really going to miss him but it's a great experience and we wouldn't want it any other way. I love what the Lord does with His missionaries in just two short years!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Today Jaydan went shopping for his missionary clothes and other needed things. We went to The Missionary Mall to do his shopping. They had everything we needed and more. They were very helpful and have a 2 year guarantee on everything. After today Jaydan is about set. His pants are being hemmed and so we'll need to go back to get them picked up. I love that we could do all the shopping in one store. Actually we paid less than we did for Braxton's and this is all guaranteed. (hoorah!) The guy helping us (Matt Anderson) seemed a bit hesitant when he told us the total amount. I laughed because it was less than I expected. It's expensive getting these kids ready to go for two years. (it's worth it though) The Missionary Mall has a huge map on their wall and I guess it's tradition to have the missionary point to where they have been called to serve. Jaydan had to get real low to point to his mission. :)
Jaydan had three bags full (sounds like a nursery rhyme), and his luggage.