Monday, February 21, 2011

To all you lovely Fart Buckets

After Jaydan's last few letters Bishop Ropelato decided to let the Mission President know what was going on. The President had a talk with the Elders and Jaydan's comp decided he didn't like him telling on him and I guess they can't be as good of friends. That was hard for Jaydan since his comp has been his best friend in the mission. (I am glad Jaydan said something...his comp was waisting his time and Jaydans)

This week has been both great and horrible. The horrible part came from the other Elders that had been breaking the rules and were busted. They took it out on Jaydan. They were doing better though after a few days or so. Jaydan said "it's all good in the neighborhood."

Jaydan's birthday was Super Cool! He had 2 parties to attend. (go ahead and think popular if you want to....says Jaydan) At the first house most of the branch had been there. But after missing a bus in Colonia and being really late people had left and were leaving by the time Jaydan showed up. Jaydan ended up having a little cake fight with one of the girls. She had put some cake on Jaydan's face and so he chased her and got her back. (so much like his dad)

After that house they went to "Jaydan's Sisters" house. (sister in that area....really I have no idea what he means) She made the "best" cake ever. It might not look so good from the outside but it was the yummiest cake ever. Jaydan even said it should be the new "better than sex" cake. (.....oh never mind) It was amazing hanging out with the members and having fun with them.

We put some money in Jaydan's account since it costs so much to ship things to him. He was planning on saving it but decided to go to lunch the next day with some of the Elders. (I'm glad he did...since it was for his Birthday)

Zone Conference was awesome. They talked about the Atonement which opened up a lot of stuff and got Jaydan thinking. We need to realize that really Christ did suffer for everything that we have suffered and all that we will suffer. There is always a way out and that is through Him, Jesus Christ. If we will repent we will always be forgiven. They also had a really spiritual District meeting about the same thing. We all need to just take some time and really think about Christ and all that He has done for each of us. Jaydan says he feels horrible for everything bad that he does because he knows that he caused Christ to suffer for those things. So we need to repent and do everything we can to resolve the problem and never do it again.

Jaydan's best friend in the mission is Sister Smith. They get along really well and just get each others humor. They are so "freakin hilarious" together. Everyone loves having those to around because they do have such a good time. ("all appropriate and clean")

Much Love
Thee Elder Ropelato

ps...maybe someone could send Jaydan the sport updates....he just threw that out there if anyone is interested...he would be.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jaydan is 20!

This hasn't been the best week. But have no fear Jaydan is still loving the mission so no problems there are just a few struggles.

So after such an awesome week last week this one was really disappointing. Jaydan's comp didn't want to go to any of the return appointments because they were too far away. They did visit one contact that was close but that was it. Jaydan was bugged since they had set up appointments and they (the missionaries) weren't following through.

There is another missionary from Uruguay that only has a week left and he was on a special division with a Elder from Paraguay just so they could enjoy their time because they are both so trunky and a bit trutcho (or break rules sometimes) They came out to Jaydan's area which they are not suppose to do and since Jaydan's comp is also very trunky the three of them destroyed Jaydan on Tuesday. They didn't do any missionary work on Tuesday. They just stayed in the house and watched the TV from the Church. They even rented a playstation 2 and played that all day. Jaydan caught up his journal and got some good reading in and studied his Spanish. They others kept trying to get Jaydan to play with them but he wouldn't and so they just kept right on playing. Jaydan went in to shave and when he was done he noticed it was pretty quiet. The other Elders had left and went to a little store and left Jaydan alone. These Elders were super trunky all week and Jaydan didn't want to tell us the other things that they had done. It was just a disappointing week for him.

The did have a lesson with Marie Belen who is the niece of some members. I think Marie is a Jehovah Witness. Jaydan thinks Marie might be a probable baptism. Jaydan's comp only goes to houses he feels good about ....he doesn't care if Jaydan feels good about any and it really bothered Jaydan that they didn't go to the appointments they had set up.

Jaydan was excited for today since it is his birthday. The couple missionaries are in Jaydan's zone and the Sister was going to make Jaydan a cake or some cupcakes but they were in Montevideo today so that didn't happen. The Elders were suppose to be back in their area by 4:30 to meet with some members and have some people over that wanted to meet Jaydan. Then some other members are giving Jaydan a party at 6:00. When Jaydan asked his comp what time they were going to leave to go back to their area his comp said 5:00. Which meant that they wouldn't meet with the members and the people they were having over and that also meant they would be late for Jaydan's birthday party. So today isn't Jaydan's happiest day ever and he is on his reserve tank of patience.

Jaydan was super thankful for all the little Happy Birthday emails that he got. He said we saved his birthday from being a complete pile of poop. We put smiles on his face and laughter inside of him. Then the computers turned off and they had to start again. :)

"I love you all so much and thank you so much for all your letters. They saved me today. Love you more than you know."

Too much love to express,
Thee Elder Ropelato

ps Happy Sweet Valentines Day to you ALL!

Monday, February 7, 2011

One more week until 20

Spider man....Jaydan's comp
Jaydan's blood on the fan.

This week they had divisions again and they were in Jaydan's area. Jaydan was with Elder Myers from California this week. This is Elder Myers second month in the mission so he is pretty new. Jaydan was glad to have him because Jaydan got to call the shots. Elder Myers wanted to work hard too and so that is exactly what they did. They went to an area that is outside the main city that Jaydan had never been to before...mainly because his comp doesn't like walking far. This area is also considered to be dangerous but Jaydan said with a prayer and hard work nothing bad happened. They found a less active family that just had a new baby (just a few days old). They talked about the baby and kind of used it to get the family to come back to church. They passed by another house and Jaydan said "Hi" to the lady and she asked them to come back in 30 minutes. So they continued on and had a good lesson with a guy named Sisto. Sisto was saying that he didn't like how all Churches rob their members (or the pastors). Jaydan then taught Sisto about tithing and fast offerings and Sisto just stood there like "ooohhhh". Then the Elders threw that into the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. They went back to the lady that had asked them to. Jaydan just said "Hi" again and she told them to come in, come in. Jaydan thought that she was probably a less active member since she invited them in the way she did. She wasn't a member and had seen missionaries in her area before but none had ever stopped to talk to her. She was really glad that Jaydan and Elder Myers did. Her name is Andrea and they were able to teach her the Plan of Salvation. Jaydan thought Andrea was just "so freakin sick".....meaning super awesome, humble and receptive. They had a wonderful experience with her. Jaydan described it as "an awesome, tear up carmelo day." :) (love this kid)
The next day they started off with a good service project for one sister in the ward and after she gave them lunch the Elders ran home to change so they could return to the "promised land". Jaydan likes to call it that because it is a distant area and after spending 3 to 4 hours there had some good contacts and lessons. The second time they went there wasn't as successful but they did get some contacts. They went back and visited some less actives which was pretty productive. Then they found this "super sick" lady named Silvia who is just "wow!" They had an awesome lesson with her and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is really excited to read it. She does work a ton and so she will need the Lord to bless her for things to work out for her.
On Sunday before Church, Jaydan and his comp needed to exchange some tickets that they had for Zone Conference. They passed a couple of guys drinkin and smoking on the way back to the Church and invited them to come with them. They talked for about 15 minutes but neither wanted to go to Church. During the first class at Church one of the guys (Le0) poked his head in but when he was invited to come in he wouldn't. Leo said that his friend, Alejandro also came in the Church but when they looked for him they couldn't find him. They went outside and talked to Leo and then Alejandro came out of the Church. Alejandro had been talking to the 2nd counselor who happened to be his cousin. So the Elders talked to these two about separate things for quite awhile. Jaydan said it was cool how they just switched back and forth and it worked out. Another friend also came out and they talked to him for awhile too. They got appointments set up with them for another day. Even though these guys were a bit drunk they were still able to ask some really good questions and have a good conversation.
Today for p-day Jaydan had everyone in the zone laughing hysterically. He really enjoys making people laugh and smile. (don't know what he did or said...he didn't mention that) He said that the laughter brings brings everyone together and close and is a great way to enjoy their time together. Jaydan really loves seeing everyone smiling and having a good time. Some times when they play sports things get a little heated and when that happens Jaydan will do something to get them laughing! Jaydan loves making others happy!
Bastante amor de
Thee Elder Ropelato