Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey Ya Tards (that's how he addressed us)

So when I first saw these pictures of Jaydan I thought......sweet my son has learned to "pole dance". It's becoming quite popular here you know and maybe in Uruguay too.
This might be the result of some hard work.....or then again from the "pole dancing".(when Larry saw this picture he thought Jaydan looked an awful lot like himself)
Jaydan had divisions and was with Elder Robledo from Argentina. Jaydan really like him and thinks he's cool. He said they "tore it up". Everything that was planned for the division fell through but these guys were still able to teach and bunch of lessons and find some good people and got more contacts. They had really good numbers. Jaydan said that he and Elder Robledo just mixed together good...good work...unity (which is crucial in the mission and what Jaydan and his comp struggle with~Jaydan said that)
There are 2 soccer teams in Uruguay that seem to win the cup every year. They are Nacional "Bolso"and Penarol "Manya". They found a family that had like 1000 things of Nacional. (no joke) So Jaydan started asking questions about that to get them talking. When him and Elder Robledo first got to the door the wife had told them that her husband, Pablo, didn't really like the missionaries and Jaydan said that's okay a lot of people don't. Then he invited themselves in to visit. She let them in after Jaydan asked her a second time. Pablo acted kind of bitter at first until Jaydan brought up the Nacional and then he got super excited. They talked about soccer for awhile and then they taught him about the plan of salvation. The wife had recently lost her mother and also some siblings and was hurting of course. When the missionaries were leaving Pablo said: "I honestly don't know how you did it but you two are the first people to ever enter my house. Others like you always come by and I never let them in but I don't know how you guys did it." Jaydan plans on going back soon and visiting Pablo again. He said it was a huge lift for him since the other things they had planned had fallen through. Jaydan also said: "that's what happens when you buckle down and are diligent."
The family that Jaydan talked about last week is coming right along. The dad is working hard so that he can baptize his son Bruno. Bruno is only 9 but reads everything all the time. He understands it too maybe even better than most investigators. Jaydan is already thinking what a great future missionary Bruno will be. Bruno would read everything the missionaries asked his parents to read. He reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon outside and his friends would see him and make fun of him but he didn't care and just kept on reading. This was happening before the missionaries were even teaching him and before he ever went to Church....back when his parents were having problems. Just an awesome kid!
Then another guy named Darci, can't go to Church anymore because his wife thinks that he is going just to see another woman because he wanted to buy a new white shirt and tie to wear so he could look nicer. The missionaries talked to him and told him to just keep doing the good things that he has been doing. Jaydan said he is so ready. His wife works at the Hospital and isn't able to go to Church. The missionaries challenged him to start from the beginning of the Book of Mormon and just read every day. Darci said he would and that he would be done with it next Sunday when Jaydan and his comp come back. "WWWOOOO!!!!! this guy is super sick"(I think that means awesome) Jaydan just hopes that his wife will trust him and let him go to Church.
Jaydan said that they have a lot of good people that just need to step over one little thing to make it. So there's a lot of good potential investigators.
Thanksgiving doesn't exist over there. Just Christmas and maybe Valentines (Jaydan's birthday) and so those are Jaydans 2 favorite holidays.
Thee Elder Ropelato

Monday, November 22, 2010

Serving Others

Jaydan helped tear down a members fence. He loves doing service for others.
This week Jaydan shared two cool stories. Jaydan and his comp found some people to teach. The dad has a hard time walking because of his back. After they talked they asked the dad to pray. The prayer was really good and the "spirit" was really strong. The dad was crying after and the missionaries asked him how he felt. His reply was that he felt so great. He said that he never cries but he was letting it happen. The next time they talked with them the dad, Franci, was tearing up off and on throughout the discussion. His wife was tearing up too. The Bishop was there with the missionaries this time too and the home was filled with the "Spirit." Jaydan loves going to that house because they have had some great spiritual experiences. The missionaries asked Franci to pray to know if the Church and the Book of Mormon were true and he said that he already knew they were. "Holy Cow such a great family of 5 and 4 can be baptized." (Jaydan's exact words)

Jaydan went over to an inactive members house and the dad was out working in the yard. Jaydan and his comp started helping him pull weeds. They asked the guy, Morcelo how he was doing. Marcelo told them that he wasn't doing good. Him and his wife had seperated again and he had been in a car accident where his friend was thrown 10 or more meters from the car. Marcelo only had a few scratches and wasn't hurt that bad. While the missionaries were there talking to him his wife, Ana, showed up. Marcelo felt like the missionaries were a sign from God. That God had something more for him in this life since he wasn't even hurt and the missionaries were there testifying to him. Him and Ana promised to go to Church and get back on track. They said when they were going to Church that they felt closer to each other and their jobs were going good too but when they stopped things weren't so good. Jaydan said they are working with Marcelo to help him prepare himself so that he can baptize his son. His son is 9 years old and awesome. He would read the scriptures that the missionaries had asked the parents to read. He would do that on his own. Jaydan is excited to see the change in this family.

Jaydan said that they have found about three great families to teach and he gets excited when that happens. He mentioned that changes are coming up and wonders what will happen to him.

He loves us all SOOOOOOOOO much!

THEE Elder Ropelato

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gringo's win One!

This week was pretty good as far as the work went. Jaydan and his comp have been working hard and getting tons of lessons and finding lots of people to talk to. Jaydan said "we are on a pretty good streak right now." No one new showed up for church on Sunday and that is always disappointing for the missionaries. Jaydan is concerned with what to do with some of them. He is afraid that the missionaries will have to drop them because some might just be wasting their time. There are some investigators that promise every week to come to Church and then they just don't go. But they will turn around and promise again....kind of ticks Jaydan off. Jaydan and his comp even tried to take a lady named Elida over to the church during the week just to help her get more comfortable and she didn't show for that either. Jaydan knows there must be some explanation since she does everything else they ask of her. It's just a bit frustrating for the missionaries to work hard and expect to see the people they are working with at church and then to have no one come......kind of a bummer!

Jaydan is bugged with his comp. Anything Jaydan suggests kind of gets over looked until one of the other missionaries suggest the same thing and then it's a good idea. Jaydan is trying hard not to let that bug him but it does.

They are having Zone Conferences in T-bo that Jaydan is looking forward to and knows will be interesting.

On p-days they are starting to play soccer. They had their teams be the gringo's (Americans) against the Latino's. The Latino's are just better and usually win but the Gringo's finally won a game and that made Jaydan very Happy!

Love you all! THEE Elder Ropelato

Monday, November 8, 2010

Serving Others

"Hey you bunch of fart buckets, how are ya?" (oh...makes me miss my silly boy)

The weeks are starting to blurr to Jaydan. They go by quick with lots happening. This week they had a meeting with their recent convert, Clair. She is seriously one of the best converts that you could have. Jaydan was having a hard time talking to her and kept wondering what he was doing wrong not to be blessed with the ability to communicate. (remember his deal with the Lord) It really made him stop and reflect but isn't quite sure. It still is just frustrating when he doesn't get it.

They stopped by Daniels house. Jaydan really likes Daniel and thinks he is awesome. Daniel moved back home with his mom though in Montevideo and is in the other mission now. Jaydan feels good about giving the other missionaries a great guy to teach. He is sure that Daniel will be baptized. Jaydan and his comp gave Daniel a Book of Mormon to read on the was ride home. (to Montevideo). They exchanged addresses so they could keep in touch. They really like each other. (It is Daniel in the picture)

Saturday the missionaries played football and Jaydan was quite proud of the way he played. He was doing stuff that even surprised himself. He had a great time and left feeling pretty good about himself.

Sunday was quite a day...but good. The missionaries tried picking people up for church but didn't have much success. Elida, a super good investigator does everything but attend church. She quit all her bad habits and does everything the missionaries ask except attend church. She keeps promising that she will come but she never shows up and it bugs Jaydan that she out right lies to them. They want to find out what the real reason is and work with her.

They found a lady out pulling her weeds. The missionaries stopped to see if they could help her but the lady told them No. They started talking about Eternal Families and the lady started tearing up but also saying that was impossible. She told them all about the people in her life that had passed away. Then Jaydan's comp bore his testimony as families being together forever. She must have listened because Jaydan said they got her respect. She finally agreed to let the missionaries help her weed and they are even going to help her paint her house. Jaydan loves serving other people and feels like that's what a mission is all about.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Go Italians!!!

Jaydan had a big sliver in his thumb. The spider was as big as his thumb.
Jaydan was in Montevideo for meetings on Monday and Tuesday. He is starting to write using Spanish words and not remembering the English word. (good sign) He enjoyed the meetings a lot and learned so much at them. He thought it was nice that he was able to understand just about everything that was said. He always loves when he can understand! He said the meeting was just about the basics and working together as missionaries. He really liked the message the President's Wife spoke of. She talked about staying on your knees after you are through praying and just listening. They gave an example of the Mission President having a Missionary contact him and as soon as he did the Mission President just left. We need to take a moment to just ponder and meditate and listen for the voice of the Lord.
Jaydan also liked hearing that the missionaries need to listen with their hearts and not just their ears when they are teaching. He said if they do that they won't have to fear or worry about anything and that the spirit will guide them in what to say and do. Jaydan know that is the only way they will really be able to teach or help others is through the spirit. Without it they are nothing and aren't able to do anything. Jaydan feels his job is to help others "feel" the spirit. (I think he is right)
Jaydan has an Italian Missionary living with him and thinks it is really cool that the only two Italians are living in the same house. (or part Italians...meaning himself) Then he wrote.....sono anziano liccioli ei spero che voi vi ricordiate italiano perche io sto servendo las missione da capoooooo ciaooooo. (whatever that means....I think you have to know Italian) Every night at 10:00 they have a bowl of fruit loops together since they bought a huge bag of it. The Italian Elder is learning English really well and speaking it well too. They give cheers to each other with their bowls of fruit loops. (like people do with champagne) Jaydan said they just have "good chemistry" together and a lot of fun.
On the way home from Rivera, Jaydan and Elder Tippets were sitting together quoting funny movies. Jaydan thought it was hilarious and so much fun. They played 20 questions with just movies. That was a great way to pass the time on a long bus ride back home.
Jaydan is still trying to obey all the rules even the little ones.
He ended this week with "GO ITALIANS!!!! and mucho freakin amor"