Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascua (Happy Easter)

The bear hiding under Jaydan's jacket for transporting.

A 8 year old girl gave Jaydan a big pink teddy missing a few parts.

A very clean bathroom. Jaydan said his 3 years of being a janitor have paid off.

These are the hammocks in their room. Jaydan's it the top one because he doesn't want any one falling on him.

Easter in Uruguay isn't at all like the states. Just another Holiday. Jaydan did enjoy the talks on Christ though that he heard in Church.

Jaydan and his comp are doing good together. Even though there are always things about each other that one might not like there are plenty of good things and Jaydan is handling his comp just fine since "he is a big boy now." He has found a place that sells adult diapers and he is tempted . He promised if he bought some he wouldn't poop his pants. (these are the letters we get)

The Pastor Lady that they have been teaching (Olga) is doing so good. Her baptism is scheduled for May 7th. She is always asking Jaydan (her little fatty) when he is going to baptize her. Jaydan thinks she is a sweetheart even if she does just like to talk, talk, talk. She is always so happy to see Jaydan and that makes him happy. She likes to feed Jaydan and always apologizes if she doesn't have something to give him....Jaydan thinks it's funny. Jaydan refers to Olga as the "bee's knees". She is absolutely awesome.

Please pray for Natalia so she can quit smoking. She is an awesome lady but is struggling with her smoking. That would be greatly appreciated since the missionaries have tried every other thing they can think of to help her.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Change Week

"Ok..first of all, yes I am a little bit more chunky. Okay...I am reaching morbidly obese. Okay not really but yes I am fat compared to before and ya I eat a lot and like the food. The reason I am getting a little bit more to love is because all the food is super fattening. Like it is packed with oils and that good fattening stuff so its a killer especially arriving at Winter. It's right here in a month and that's when I will be getting even bigger." (no pictures this week because we noticed his weight increase)

The first week with his new comp went really good. They set some pretty good goals and Jaydan feels good about things. This comp wants to be good with their time which is nice since some of Jaydan's other comps haven't cared much. Jaydan said they worked hard this week and he thinks things will be good. He thinks his comp is doing better than when Jaydan knew him earlier in the mission. He was good with Jaydan's idea's of working on things in this area. He is Elder Siegel from Idaho. Jaydan's last comp was also from Idaho.

Most of the investigators are having a hard time with smoking. That seems to be the main thing that is keeping them from baptism. So it is kind of hard...but "fartin possible". (oh the way he expresses himself) The Pastor investigator is doing so great. She is phenomenal and just plain awesome. She likes calling Jaydan little fatty. She told him that she even baked a cake for him because she knew he would eat it all. But she was alone and she ate it before she could give it to him. Jaydan thought that was so funny. He had been telling his comp about her and how she always had a treat for them and then this time she didn't because she ate it. She said that she was going to make Jaydan a scarf for the winter. Before or even at the first of the mission Jaydan thought that scarfs were pretty "girlirific" but in Uruguay they are the only way. (pretty cold) Last winter the wind snuck through Jaydan's neck hole but with the added weight he doesn't think that would really be a problem this year. hahahaha Jaydan thinks it is funny that he has experienced a little cold since he never has before. He said he is throwing out the word "cold" from his vocabulary since he is the "mini fat Sasquatch". (funny...little man)

A little 8 or 9 year old girl gave Jaydan one of her bears as a gift and wouldn't let him leave with out it. The mom told Jaydan that this little girl has never been as connected to a missionary as she is with Jaydan. The whole family really likes Jaydan and have told him that. They even told him that they cry when he leaves. They said they have never felt like that with other missionaries. Jaydan said if he was having a bad day that him and his comp would go to that house before they went home. He would always leave feeling better. He let them know how much they have helped him too and how much happiness there home has in it. They are Jaydan's favorite family! Oh and the bear that the little girl gave Jaydan is really big. It doesn't have eyes, nose, mouth, arms and only one leg. It's also pink! Jaydan said it is pretty cool and it's the thought that counts.

"Love you all so much.....even more than a dog likes to pee on a big new tree."

ps."we had an empenada party for the ward and my comp and I made breakfast burrito empenadas and the ward went crazy for them."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The pics are of a girl's birthday party. It was for the one in the purple and was held at the house of the blond girls. ("Barbie") The hammock ones are of the missionaries hammock adventures in their back yard.

So they had changes but Jaydan is staying put. Jaydan knew his comp from the first of his mission but said that his comp is super trunky. Jaydan has been with super trunky comps for the last 5 months and this will make that number increase. He said his president just wanted him on babysitting duty and that is fine since he will just grow and learn more from it. It had been a test for Jaydan and will continue to be his test. He's not worried though....he likes his comp and thinks he is cool in spite of being trunky.

This week was pretty good. The work was about the same but having a birthday party made things a bit sweeter. Jaydan was making everyone laugh at the party. They were having a good time joking with each other. They were making fun of Jaydan for eating so much and not getting full. Besides all the treats he ate 7 hot dogs. He said when they did leave he was still hungry. So at least he's eating but as he said the food isn't healthy just fattening as we can see in the pics. Jaydan loves making others laugh and he even said that the Latinos get just as red and white people do when they laugh real hard. He thought the skinny little gal was going to die from laughing so hard. It makes him happy!

Their best investigator for this week is an older lady who is the pastor. She always calls Jaydan "El Gordito" or "the little latty". He has proven her right. He eats all the food she brings and all the snacks as well. She will even send him home with a bag of sweets and tells the others that they are for the "Gordito". (I don't speak spanish but I know that means fat) Jaydan loves eating what he is given but also knows that he needs to be careful so that he doesn't come home super fat. He said he can't find his "six pack" anymore and that it has molded into a Keg. The area feeds the missionaries good.

They tried helping a lady quit smoking by putting tobacco in milk and then having her drink it. Usually it makes the people sick and throw up but she liked it. She threw up a little but not enough and she didn't quit smoking. :(

"Sorry not much to tell this bad but I will chat ya my news next stay tuned next time for words from Elder Ropelato"

Monday, April 4, 2011

His Eyes are Magical

First of all Jaydan said that the people think that he can change the color of his eyes on demand. His eyes will change from really blue to really green and the people are so amazed at that and ask him to do it for them. Jaydan tries to convince them that he has nothing to do with it that it just happens.

This was a busy week. Lots happening but Jaydan said he really did have time to tell us about it. (big teaser.....of course he will tell us about it)

They had an activity for the less active members at the Church were they watched a short movie and had food. There were only a few members there and so the others (less active) knew this activity really was for them and was successful. Jaydan said it was super cool and there were a lot that came and participated.

The missionaries had a family home evening with a recently converted family. The two kids are baptized but not the parents. They had it at "Barbies" house. The ward calls her that because she is the prettiest in the ward. She is reaching out to these two girls though and really trying to help them. When the missionaries went to pick up the family they found out that the dad wasn't going to go with them. It was because the mom didn't want him staring at "Barbie" since she thinks that he would cheat on her. The moms name is Natalia and the dad is David. David was upset that she would think that he would cheat on her after 16 years of marriage. So they had it without David. Natalia was being a jerk to the missionaries. She wasn't acting like herself at all.. Natalia was saying the missionaries or Jaydan's comp was going to marry "Barbie" and take her home with them. She just kept putting them all down. (a little jealous I'd say) It was upsetting everyone and finally Jaydan told her to be quiet. She just laughed and kept it up. Jaydan's comp also tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't. Needless to say the lesson didn't go well. They ended up playing a game together instead. Jaydan felt bad for "Barbie" since she had been working so hard with the girls and was trying to help them and to have Natalia act like that and be so unkind.

Jaydan loved Conference. He thought it was super, super cool. His favorite talks were by Elder Scott and the talke about the to do lists and the to be lists. Elder Scotts got me cause I had so many people in my mind during it all and so I loved it. It just hit Jaydan for the good. All the talks were super good and Jaydan loved the whole conference. An Evangelical pastor named Olga came and really liked it too. She told the Elders she wasn't sure how she was going to tell the pastors she wouldn't be going to their church anymore.

Well this week really was one of the best weeks ever. Jaydan learned a lot, had a successful activity with the less activities and some more good experiences that he couldn't tell us about.