Monday, May 16, 2011

what's up lolly pop suckers!!!!

A favorite family of Jaydans in Paysandu`

some of the greatest empenadas ever!

Jaydans first bite of the wonderful empenadas!

Awesome missionary! (lives in California)

Another wonderful missionary who also lives in California.

The Zone Conference was held in Jaydan's first area, Paysandu`. Jaydan was so excited and hoping to go visit with a few of the members. He only had 45 minutes to do so. He had to take a 15 minute bus ride and went immediately to the family he helped convert. He was sad to learn that something had happened and they weren't going. The three boys have grown a lot since Jaydan saw them last. They are a good family regardless. (Jaydan forgot to get a picture of this family which made him sad) The next family is in the family in the picture above. When the dad saw Jaydan he went and gave him a hug. The others guys in the family did too. The daughter came and gave Jaydan a big kiss. Jaydan just sat there in a chair pretty stiff and completely off guard. She noticed his reaction and then asked if he was still a missionary. She thought he was just returning to visit....and off of his mission. She was embarrassed to find out the truth. They just laughed it off. They didn't get to visit much in this area since it is so big and spread out. They almost missed their bus as it was.

When they were on the bus there was a guy standing because there wasn't any more seats. A lady was also standing and Jaydan tried to give her his seat. She wouldn't take his seat. When Jaydan sat back down him and his comp were talking and saying it was a good thing the guy didn't take the seat or Jaydan might just have to punch him. They were joking around and then found out that the guy spoke really good English. They talked to him for about an hour and became pretty good friends. As they talked they switched back and forth from English to Spanish. The guys offered his house to the missionaries and asked them to come visit him since he enjoyed them. He lives in another city though so they won't be able to. He was a funny guy and super cool.

On Friday there was a ward activity and the 4 missionaries had to do a skit. The did one called: A day as a missionary. It consisted of various experiences that happen to missionaries. Ex. Angry dog chasing them, angry people yelling at them, bible bashers, people yelling in other languages at the missionaries, girls trying to seduce them and people trying to kill them. (all these things have happened to these missionaries at some time in their mission) Jaydan's comp and another missionary were the missionaries. Another missionary was a Guardian Angel who protected them from those things and that left Jaydan to act out the rest. It was super funny. Jaydan had his camera and wanted someone to record it but they forgot.

Sunday was interesting. Jaydan wanted to yell at his comp and even throw a chair at him because his comp was fed up and didn't want to work anymore. They stopped by their house to grab something and his comp didn't want to leave or work after. His comp made excuses so they couldn't go out like they didn't have time. It was ticking Jaydan off but instead of fighting and letting things get out of hand he just quit arguing. They stayed in the house until it was time to do splits. That was the only really frustrating thing though for the week and it wasn't too bad.

Much Love,

Thee Elder Ropelato

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