Monday, January 31, 2011

quess who??? piece of poo!!! muah hahaha

Jaydan went on divisions this week with his zone leader, Elder Smith from South Dakota. When they were on the bus going to Jaydan's area Jaydan said: "Hey Elder Smith, Elder Pardo (Jaydan's comp) never gave me the key's so we can't unlock the house to get in." They laughed a little and waited until they got to his house. When they got to the house they climbed up the house and down into the back porch wondering what to do. The kitchen window was open and so Jaydan reached in to grab a key to the back door but the other key was already in the door and Jaydan couldn't push it out or twist it. They thought about going through the kitchen window but it would have broke the way it was. Jaydan then noticed the little bathroom window that was opened also. Jaydan used his "Ninja Skills" to climb up the wall and go through the window. He fell into the bathroom and was able to go unlock the doors. During Divisions they had a pretty good day and they found a lot of people who could be investigators with a second visit. It was mainly setting up the area which was pretty cool for Jaydan. When Jaydan was with his comp they weren't able to contact the people but will try again.

It's getting hotter and more humid which isn't much different fromthe other days just a little bit worse. Jaydan said that they had a pretty descent lesson with the Jehovah Witness and Jaydan's Branch President. The Jehovah Witness didn't want the missionaries coming back without the President.

Jaydan feels really bad that he isn't accomplishing as much as he thinks they should be. His comp is getting more and more trunky and there really isn't a whole lot that Jaydan can do to change that. Jaydan will tell his comp that they shouldn't be doing something and he will just respond with "Who is going to stop me?" or "it doesn't say that specifically in the white handbook" or "I can do what I want". When it gets to that point Jaydan will just stop trying to reason with him. Jaydan wants to keep the unity between them. Jaydan will say okay let's go work hard today and his comp will agree. But, working hard to his comp means visiting with the members all day. They do need to do that to though since the Branch does have some problems. Jaydan and his comp were trying to think about the members that didn't talk bad about other members and they could only come up with about 3. The members don't get along and talk bad about each other. Jaydan thought it was getting better since the last change but it's back to how it was. Jaydan said they honestly spend more time in their house or if they are out they are usually at a members and not teaching. Jaydan is having a hard time with all this and is starting to loose his's making him crazy. Jaydan knows this is just a test and he will continue to endure and try to make the best of it. Jaydan loves when they actually do teach because they do a good job but it isn't happening often enough. The only time he actually works hard all day in on divisions when he is with a different missionary. Jaydan said that he is trying to learn from everything that is happening. He is also trying to stay positive and just do everything that he can do to be the best missionary that he can be. He does love his comp and they are super friends it's the work (or lack of it) that gets to Jaydan.

"It's good to hear that life is a bit better back home. Kimi close to driver ed, Braxton with a girl (and I hope she is real~hahaha just kidding), Natalies is having a birthday.....Nat fa brains (I was going to write you the song but I didn't feel like writing more hahaha sorry). My birthday is exactly two weeks. Oh ya super crazy! But I have to go so I shall chit chat with ya lovely tards later! Love ya all!"
"Much Love,
Thee Elder Ropelato"

Monday, January 24, 2011


Jaydan's comp being spiderman
little kid with the mask on backwards
Jaydan loves watermelons
Jaydan got his arm caught in a fan and blood sprayed everywhere
First thing...Jaydan assured me that he isn't doing anything super bad. He said it is just hard to keep all the rules when you are the Junior comp and when your companion is trunky and not wanting to work hard. Jaydan is trying to encourage him and said that he is noticing a change. Others are also encouraging the Elders to work hard. There are just a few little things that they still need to work on. He said: "no worries mom-you know I have the desire for obedience so it's all good."
The office is really messing up and the Elders haven't been reimbursed for five weeks now. It's really hard to live without them. Jaydan doesn't like having to use his personal money but is having to often. (he's not liking that at all)
While on the bus headed for the main city Jaydan was sitting across from the two men who are in the Cave Men commercials...the ones that say "even a caveman can do that." Jaydan said they look exactly the same and he really wanted to get their autograph but chicken out. (no fame for him now)
They were able to find a family of three this week. All three members of the family belong to a different religion. They were great to talk with and had a ton of good questions. When they heard how big our family was they told Jaydan he had his own tribe at home waiting for him. (should I be offended?....I'm not) Jaydan thought it was pretty funny. These people also made fun of Jaydan for wanting to be a masseuse when he gets home. He said they kind of insinuated that he might be gay since they thought that only women did that kind of work. Jaydan told them that wasn't true at all but thought they were pretty sick anyway.
Two of Jaydan's best investigators and most likely to be baptized are Jehovah Witnesses. I guess the missionaries are always trying to get JW's and here Jaydan has two. One of them goes to church every week but her Uncle who is a less active member doesn't want the missionaries to teach her. That is a bit of a problem that they are working with. The other one just needs to get married. They are both really cool and so they may have two JW's this change.
The Zone is doing good and really working hard. (kicking it as Jaydan put it) The members are doing better and they are working on the quality of people and preparing those better who get baptize.
The Book of Mormon thing with the members is catching on and they are seeing good things happening. Jaydan is noticing some good changes happening in this area which really needed some change.
Today for pday they played soccer. (is there any other sport in other countries?) Jaydan is learning to play goalie and did pretty good today. He blocked the ball with his face and gut a few times today but his team ended up winning. He only got the wind knocked out of him once and that was only for a few seconds. He really like playing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Secret Language

Changes just happened and Jaydan is staying where he is with the same companion. He thinks that is just fine and cool. His comp is finally wanted to work again and so that makes Jaydan excited as well. (he's ready to go)

They have been working with the Branch on a few things and things are looking up. The members seem to respect the Elders more and have more of a desire to help them out. Jaydan is hoping the members will accept the less active and non members better now.

This week was tough and there is a lot of time being wasted. The Elders are spending a lot of time at home or just in members homes and getting home late. Jaydan said there are too many rules being broken also. He will say things to his comp that he can't take it anymore and they need to stop and his comp replies with "who will stop me". (oh the joys) Jaydan really does love his comp though in spite of his attitude. They are good friends learning a lot from each other and they are able to work with unity together also. Jaydan said: "I am super dooper, alley ooper, excited for this next change.

Jaydan and his comp made their agendas into plates like the golden plates. They are pretty cool. Jaydan and his comp also came up with a secret language to write with. It's a mix of English and Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. It's super cool looking and they can send each other little letters. There are only four Elders that know this "secret language" so they will be able to communicate with each other throughout the mission and others won't know what is being said. Jaydan thinks that is "super cool".

Jaydan's comp had a dream about Larry. He said he is for sure going to come and visit us. In his dream he was at our house visiting and joking with Larry. The things he was saying were really close to how things really are.

Did a lot of traveling this week. Jaydan had to pay for all the tickets (bus) since his comp doesn't have any money left. Jaydan even had to use personal money which he really doesn't like doing. The Elders are suppose to get reimbursed for their tickets but right now they are three weeks behind in getting them and so Jaydan has to spend his own money. He likes being on a mission though and loves Uruguay just a few little things bug him.

Jaydan really likes that the people know him now and like him. Some even know him better than his comp who has been there longer.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Time Flies

This week was the fastest week for Jaydan. He said he can't remember what happened or what day it was because it was seriously too quick. (a good sign)

The thing with the Book of Mormons is moving right along. Jaydan's comp had wrote his testimony in a Book of Mormon and while they were having lunch with some people. The people had family from Argentina there so the missionaries talked to them. The people from Argentina seemed really interested and wanted the missionaries to visit them at their home. They were told that they would be able to get the information to the missionaries there and that they would be visited. Jaydan's friend, Tyler Grange, is serving in the area where the family if from and so he really hopes that he has something to do with them. Jaydan is sure that the family will be baptized they were that cool. Jaydan also thought it would be cool talking to Tyler after their missions and hear about this family getting baptized.. Jaydan's comp felt like he was inspired to right his testimony in the Book of Mormon that morning for this particular family.

Jaydan and his comp are both really excited about the work and have decided to work harder. Jaydan is really excited to work harder and take this mission seriously. Jaydan was suppose to talk in church but things ended up happening and he didn't. He is waiting for next week. Some couple missionaries stopped by the ward to see how it was and they also stopped by the missionaries home. They said that Jaydan's house was the cleanest in the area. Jaydan said "that's what happens when you have a 3 year experienced janitor in the house." (oh and don't be jealous of his skills....heck NO we're glad you are using them Jaydan)

Jaydan has some pets in their house aka 4 rats. (yikes) Jaydan said they are pretty friendly and pretty big. The missionaries have almost got them to eat out of their hands. The come out of the sewer every night into their patio. They put a 6 liter bottle over the hole when they don't feel like seeing them. (ok that makes me sick) A member gave the missionaries a lot of poisoning to kill the rats with. They are little pellets. Jaydan said they put "dulce de leche" outside in balls, big balls filled with the poison so it will be a sweet tasty death. Dulce de leche is like carmel pretty much. The rats ate it all and aren't dead yet...but hopefully one day.

Muchisimo Amor de
Thee Elder Ropelato

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick & Sweet

With the Holidays and everything the days for writing are a bit different...Jaydan writes when he can. This week was a little messed up too but it was still good. They had divisions with Elder Graham from Utah because two comps went to a training in Montevideo. So while they were gone the others had divisions. Jaydan said the first day went by so "freakin quick". He can't even remember what happened. The second day however was quite a bit slower. They still worked pretty good which was nice. They walked a lot....about an hour out and that much back. They were looking for the house of a less active member. The guy said that he would come to church and so Jaydan thought that was worth it all.

When they walked by their house they noticed that their comps were back from the training.

They are working hard with the members to get them more involved in the work and to unify them. They are starting this week to visit with each member and taking them a Book of Mormon to write their testimony in to share with others. Hopefully that will help the members really think about their testimonies and want to share and help others. Jaydan thinks this will also help the people that they find and give the Book of Mormons to.

Jaydan said that his comp is starting to work again. He really likes him and the area. Changes are coming up in a few weeks but Jaydan hopes that he will stay were he is since he is seeing some good things happen. He likes learning spanish from his comp and doesn't want to be with another gringo yet.

"This work is quite a butt kicker, but oh well what can you do?" "I love it and as it gets harder I try to realize all the blessings that I am going to receive and how much more I will learn and grow." "That is why we have learn and grow from them."

"I love you all so freakin much. Thank you for everything and don't worry mom we are still going to be blessed when we don't have a missionary out or someone in a high calling. Maybe we have forgotten all the blessing that we receive when our family is together and enduring to the end because we haven't been all together forever but will be in less than 16 short months, so no worries!"

Love you all more than you know!
Thee Elder Ropelato

ps Thanks Justin and Natalie and Mya and Parker for you card. I loved it and the family looks great and the sister missionaries went crazy over your family. They thought you guys were the cutest things ever.