Thursday, May 27, 2010

Your Faces are Ugly

This week the proslyiting was the best by far. Jaydan and his comp had 33 contacts, 20 lessons, 2 very,very potential baptisms and a few referrals. His favorite contackt this week was with an 85 year old man. This man played pro soccer, tennis and was also a boxer. He also speaks 5 languages fluently. (wow) Anyway, Jaydan contacted him by his fence outside and he asked the missionaries if they were American. Jaydan and his comp were like "ya, what did you think we were?" And the guy said: "not Americans because your faces are ugly." That made everyone laugh hysterically....they all thought it was so funny. Jaydan said they talked for like 20 minutes outside and then they got invited inside and they talked for another 40 minutes. The missionaries gave the guy a Book of Mormon and he was really excited to read it and went and put it on his nightstand by the picture of his wife. (she died 6 years ago) The man said he would definately read it every night. The missionaries talked to him about prayer and asked if they could pray before they left. The guy said he felt the spirit really strong and that it was awesome.

Then another guy (who was there last contact of the day) was sitting in a corner smoking and so Jaydan and his comp went over to him and crouched down so they were eye level and talke with him and he ended up putting out the cigerate and really just listened to the missionaries. The gave him a Book of Mormon and had him read a scripture and when Jaydan was leaving he saw the guy opening it up and reading it again. So...Jaydan had a awesome day. He said he could go on all day and talk about the success they had and how amazing it all was. He also said it's hard to describe and that really there isn't enough time to do so.

Jaydan is speaking more Spanish now but is still struggling with understanding it and reading and hearing it. So that is one of his challenges and it does get him down at times but he knows what he needs to do and isn't going to worry too much about it.

Last night was the first night Jaydan actually missed home and said it was probably his worse day so far or at least at the top. Jaydan is the official "mail dude" there and thinks that is pretty cool. Jaydan is also the official King of Corbota Fea now and so he rules! (not) Jaydan is getting closer to everyone there an thinks its "freakin awesome". The Latinos and older American are leaving on Tuesday and they they'll get a bunch of new ones. Jaydan said it is like opening a present when you see who the new comers are. (it was McKay's cousin...not brother last time new ones came in)

Jaydan can't wait until he gets to go proselyting everyday. He is learning so much about the's just a ton. He really likes Argentina and said that we would be jealous of some of the stuff they have....then he got distracted and lost his train of thought so didn't explain further.

Hooray for Israel! Thee Elder Ropelato

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working Hard

Jaydan gets to go out every Saturday and teach. This last Saturday they were out for 7 hours. They forgot their area map and so they had to pray and trust in the Lord and the Spirit to guide them. They had never been in that area before. They had a lot of success again. They had 22 contacts ~ 15 lessons and 4 or 5 return appointments. With one of the people that they were talking to Jaydan said he felt the spirit stronger than ever before. The contact was excited the whole time and so enthusiastic about everything. Jaydan can really see him getting baptized in the near future. Jaydan doesn't really like having to change areas every week. He would like to go back and teach some of the people that they found. Jaydan said it is really hard not being able to be the ones to go back and continue teaching the ones he found. In fact, he said "I'm not going to's horrible."

The Corbota Fea (tie exchange thing) has changed since some guys from the International MTC found out about it. There isn't screaming now has to be done quietly and Jaydan said it just wasn't the same. It was much funner when Jaydan made so much noise he lost his voice.

The classes are going by much quicker now. Jaydan is learning so much that it is hard to retain it all but he knows it will stay eventually. Jaydan's comp is also having a hard time and gets frustrated. (I guess they are also learning patience) Jaydan is trying to do everything so that he can learn quicker.

The teacher had the comps talk to each other and get out all their feelings. They talked about what they would like to fix to make things better between them. Jaydan said it was very beneficial.

Jaydan said he was glad that Braxton made it home safely and was wondering if he was weird and had an accent. Jaydan thinks his accent will be cooler since the Spanish he is learning isn't Mexican Spanish. The Spanish he is learning sounds "cooler" and is awesome.

"Love and Miss you all so Much."
Thee Elder Ropelato

"keep Braxton away from Hollie" "ha,ha, ha"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learning Slow

All the lessons in Jaydan's classes are all in Spanish and so it is ridiculously hard. (ya, since he doesn't know Spanish) Jaydan knows that he will benefit from it all but isn't quite sure when. He feels like he learns slower but is accepting that. (I doubt he is any slower it just feels slow) Already his studies of Spanish have affected his spelling in English and that just seems weird to him. (cuz English words have so many exceptions and weird combo's)

Although Jaydan has never been known to talk in his sleep some of the missionaries told him that he was talking fluent Spanish in his sleep. Jaydan wonders if that is true why he can't speak it when he is awake? ( will come)

I thought Jaydan was the President of the Tie Exchange thing on Wednesday but he is actually the VP of the "Cobata Fea". This week there were only 7 Elders in the exchange because all the other left for the mission field. There has only been about 9 people in the MTC (not counting the teachers or workers) for 2 or 3 days. Jaydan said it was a good break from some of the Latino's that he was wanting to punch. There's a new batch though now and so Jaydan said it is sweet. McKay's (Jackson..I think) little brother got there today and so that was cool to know one of the new even played lacrosse and so that was cool. Jaydan actually thought they were all pretty cool at this point.

The days go by fast. Jaydan and his companion switched rooms today to go in with some Latinos.

The worker and teachers at the MTC know Jaydan by name and they all love messing with him. They mess with him so much more than anyone else and they have from the start. (guess they could just tell that Jaydan was a teaser too) He likes it though because he gets extra privileges that the others don't.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

There is an Elder Taylor that lived by Uncle Wayne serving with Jaydan.

On Saturday Jaydan was able to go out and actually talk to people in that area. He said that they had achieved their goals. They learned things that they can do better next time. When they first went out Jaydan was having a hard time. He couldn't remember the language and didn't know what was being said. He said it was horrible. He said the first half went good but the second half wasn't so great. They were talking with a Catholic family that was playing in something similar to a park (but not a park) and even though the family couldn't understand the missionaries they thanked them for the message and just told the missionaries that they were Catholic. Jaydan felt like they liked what they heard but weren't ready to leave what they have. When they left the father of the family caught up to the missionaries and grabbed Jaydan's shoulder and said: "thanks again". That really touched Jaydan and made him feel good.

Another nice thing is since these young missionaries are so new the people are pretty nice to them. The people around this area know that the missionaries are new since they only live about a 10 minute walk from the CCM (MTC). Jaydan said that their faces say...okay we'll listen...whatever but then while they are being taught their eyes get bigger and they start to smile and you can tell that the spirit has touched them in some way. Jaydan thinks that is super sweet.

A funny~while they were teaching a family outside a car drove by and a little 4 year old kis ran to the road and flipped off the car and started yelling stuff. The missionaries laughed.

The best candy are probably "alpha hores" which are just little sandwich deals. Jaydan said some weren't very good but they do grow on you since that is all they get. The food is pretty good. The MTC in Argentina isn't like the one in Provo. You can't buy anything. You have to wait until you get to leave on Saturdays. Jaydan really likes getting to go out and work he feels like it will really help him for when his training is up and he goes out all the time.

Tuesday was the hardest day sucked and Jaydan struggled more than ever. But, Wednesday was the "bomb diggety." Jaydan did pretty good in all his classes.

About the Corbota Fea (ugly tie thing) The Americans have always been the President over this activity since they are the ones that came up with it a few years back. The other Americans that were over it are leaving and Jaydan was made President over it. Jaydan of course thought that was pretty sweet. Wednesday nights are the only nights that the President lets the boys get loud at night. I guess it gets quite crazy. Jaydan was sweating pretty bad because he was acting so crazy and he shot is voice from yelling so much. Jaydan really likes this ceremony on Wednesdays and thinks it is "freaking sweet."

A mission is "fetching hard but very fun at the same time every now and then I guess hahaha." The days are so tiring because you are in class all day long. It's crazy!

Jaydan said the Latinos are getting so annoying and hard to deal with. Jaydan even would like to hit a bunch of them. He said there are only 3 or 4 he can deal with. (trials come in are shapes and sizes and forms)


Love you all and miss ya,
Thee Elder Ropelato