Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speaking My Own Language

Jaydan went on Divisions again this week with the Zone Leaders and they went a whole lot better than the ones last week with the District Leaders. They were able to find some good investigators since Elder Longshore saidd thiers were dropped. Elder Longshore went to Utah State for football and redshirted with Jaron Hadley. (they might have even roomed together) Elder Longshore had Jaydan bear his testimony to a lady about prayer and "what not" and Jaydan spoke the worst Spanish ever. He didn't understand it, the lady didn't, no one did. (I think Heavenly Father understood him though.....heck HE's the Father and understand all) After Jaydan said whatever he did the lady said "Yo no entendia una palabra que dijiste" which means: I did not understand one word you said but then she said she has never felt the spirit that strong in her life and so Jaydan was glad that she at least felt the spirit since that is what will touch people's lives. That was the highlight of the division.

Jaydan is the biggest eater. They ate at a members house and Jaydan had 6 plates. He said it was ridiculous and afterwards him and his comp both felt sick. Jaydan was afraid he might puke and even that he might loose it out "the basement". (haha...never heard it put like that) They ended up taking a nap to let all the food settle. Jaydan said that helped a little and when his comp asked how he felt Jaydan said a little better but he thought they should go out and teach because he knew they would be blessed if they did. He said the sickness went away while they were out doing the Lords work but returned when they got back. He thought was a cool experience of being blessed while doing the Lords work.

The President and the Ap's came around to all the area's instead of having everyone go to Montevideo to meet. Jaydan thinks he must have passed the interviews. Jaydan was able to talk about his small home town where he grew up and the similarities they have and he really enjoyed it.

This week Jaydan was able to find some "sick" as in awesome people. They had 6 investigators in church which ws sweet. The had the three Pintos boys that are getting baptized on Saturday. They said that they wanted Jaydan to baptize them. (one said he wanted the other missionary but Jaydan gets to baptize them all anyway) Jaydan is really Excited about that! The father of the Pintos family just needs to quit smoking so he can be baptized too. The dad wants to be baptized in the river like Jesus and Jaydan said that when he is ready "Why not?" They have a few more that need to attend another meeting still to qualify for baptism.

The first change is coming up and Jaydan is excited to see what happens with him.

Jaydan said the fruit is way different in shape and sizes.

Jaydan can't believe how strong the Power of Prayer is! It's Awesome!

Mucho Amor de
Thee Elder Ropelato

They are teaching a girl that found a Book of Mormon in her home and started reading it on her own. She is pretty much doing everything on her own and Jaydan hopes she will be a good influence on her family.

Monday, July 19, 2010

First time on Divisions

This week was Jaydan's first time going on divisions and he didn't really care for them. He didn't really like the experience. Everything Jaydan and the other Elder had was cancelled. Jaydan went to the other Elders area and everything that had been set up had been canceled. Jaydan said the day went by so freaking quick that he despised it. (I'm not understanding)

It has been raining quite a bit but Jaydan hasn't really been that cold. The most he has needed is a sweater. (because he has his own fur coat) He is surprising all of Uruguay with his eating abilities. It surprises everyone how much he can pack away. He is finishing everything that is given him.

After the divisions and Jaydan was back with his comp they kicked. (whatever that means) It rained on Sunday and so none of the investigators showed up and only half of the ward was there. Now all the baptisms will have to be postponed a week since they need to come to church three times before they can be baptized. So it looks like the 31st might have four baptisms and possible five which will be way cool. The Elders went and helped the Sisters in their area to help them get things going. One of the Sisters has been down with an inflamed foot so the Elders went to help them get some appointments set up. They worked for about two hours.

That's about it for this week......a bunch of concealed meeting and just having it go by quick. Oh, and Jaydan had to pay the bills and doesn't have much left at all since his comp spent so much on stupid stuff. Jaydan said it is good that he doesn't spend much or they wouldn't have had enough. (his words: been screwed) Jaydan will get reimbursed in a few weeks though. He will have quite a bit then since he gets 3000 pesos (about $150) and he will get about 1500 pesos the day before the monthly payment so he should have plenty for next month.

Jaydan did buy a MP4 for $50 so he can download the Book of Mormon on it in Spanish. Then he will be able to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish while reading it and hearing the words pronounced correctly. He is hoping by doing that he will be able to learn the language better and that it will help.

Jaydan got his some eye glasses for about the same price as we did here years ago. They are nicer glasses though....they darken in the sunlight. He even got a nice case and cleaning cloth.

Jaydan and the other Elders made a "butt load" of tortillas and meat for tacos/burritos. There were eight of them and everyone ate so much. They each had about five but since there was still a few left Jaydan just ate them. That made it seven for him. He's so proud of himself for eating so much since he is one of the smallest Elders. They were so good though and he really does just love the food so much. He is loosing his abs and actually getting a little keg. He thinks he should probably quit eating so much and at least eat healthier and maybe add a little exercise.

Oh,...Jaydan saw two fat kids that were fighting and he thought that was pretty cool. They were fighting in the street while Jaydan was on his divisions.


more pics

It's winter time is Uruguay and so the missionaries need to bundle up.
Jaydan and his comp had to take a mattress to the other missionaries. They had to carry it for about an hour on their backs.
This disgusting heap of guts use to be a dog.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few Pictures

A few weeks ago Jaydan e-mailed me a few pictures. I knew they were on my computer somewhere but couldn't find them. Then.....whalaaa.....there they were right on the desk top! So here they are. Jaydan in front of the Temple. Jaydan's clean room.....probably took the picture right after they moved in. ;) Jaydan's shirt with a bit of lint on it! Holy Cow....I hope he has a lint brush!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Uruguay Placed 4th

"Well the World Cup is over and Uruguay got 4th overall which no one thought they would. Spain won the whole thing. It's good it's over because now people have no reason to get rid of us." It was hard teaching while the cup was going because they wouldn't talk to the missionaries for an hour before the games or an hour after the games. It was hard and affected the whole day. Jaydan wanted them to all understand the God was first not "futbol". Even the Bishop counseled Seminary so the kids could watch a game that wasn't even Uruguay and it was even just the quarter finals. It upset Jaydan and his Comp that the Bishop would do that. (Jaydan is changing....)

They have a reverence problem in their ward. Jaydan said the kids just run all over and even up to the stand and no one does anything about it. It bothers Jaydan and he said it really hard to even feel the spirit when all that is going on. It even continues when they go to their classes. The missionaries teach the new converts and the investigators and the less active. They usually have two or three members come in too so that the others will feel more comfortable. They have a lady in there, who is a member, and very disruptive. She will speak out and even speak in English at times and they don't want her to because the investigators don't know English. She always gets so off track too and it frustrates Jaydan so much. Since this lady is a member Jaydan thinks she should be helping them but that isn't what is happening. Even her husband gives people a hard time if they haven't come for a while. (nothing like friendship or fellowship should be) It doesn't set well with Jaydan...he even said he was going to step in if it happens again. He was so upset about all the irreverence that he is thinking about talking to the Bishop even. He would like to feel the spirit and learn and have a good experience while he is at church.

The good news is that this week went super quick again. They have a family of boys that are getting baptized on the 24th. There are three boys and the dad wants to get baptized too. The dad needs to quit smoking though before he can. This family is also bringing another little boy and if he continues to come to church he will be able to get baptized too. They also are teaching a 12 year old who is really interested and loving everything she is being taught. There are more that are really close also that just need to keep attending church a few more times. So this month if a really good month. Jaydan is excited but would rather have everyone ready and really want to be baptized than just to have the numbers up. He would rather have fewer baptisms and see those that do convert go the Temple and stay active in the church.

The language is still a challenge for Jaydan (of course it is). He is learning very slowly but at least he is noticing some improvement. Jaydan is going on divisions with the Dirsrict Leader and then next week he will be going out with the Zone Leaders.

Time for ice cream with the other missionaries so that will be enough for today. "The mission is great, really hard but ya it's going way quick which is good. Everyday when we meet someone new they ask us if we miss our family and if we have a girlfriend and is she waiting? So a bunch of questions about home which makes it hard not to think of home and that kind of stinks."

Monday, July 5, 2010

World Cup

Today for P-day Jaydan played football and soccer. Jaydan was the goalie and felt good about his playing. After playing the missionaries went and got huge sandwiches and then went to the zoo. The zoo was small and not very great.

For the 4th of July Jaydan got the idea to sleep on the roof so they could look at the stars while they prepared for sleep and also so they could have the breeze. So they went up there and swept it off and threw their mattresses up there and got their blankets and everything and they slept up there ... on the roof. Jaydan said it was so "freaking cool and nice up there" and since it was so great more Elders are going to spend the night up there with them tonight. Party!! They promised to have lights out by 10:30 and to be in bed by that time too. (trying to keep the rules)
Yesterday on Sunday Jaydan and his comp went to pick a family up to make sure they make it to church but when they got to their house they weren't there. The dad was the only one home amd while they were trying to get him to come to church with them a little dog came up to Jaydan and started having his way with Jaydan's leg. That did not go over well with Jaydan and he kicked the dog pretty far. The dad didn't seem to care though. Jaydan said it is crazy there (as most missions are)...women whipping their stuff out in front of anyone and now crazy dogs.

Jaydan had to bear his testimony and introduce himself since he is new to the area and they didn't have him do it last week. When he stood up to do it his mind just went blank and didn't come to him until he sat back down. In class his comp had him bear his testimony at the end of the class and Jaydan felt much better about that. He felt like others were listening and he could feel the spirit. He said "I can't really explain it but it was good."

The week went by super fast. Every day ended before Jaydan even knew it. It's suppose to be Winter there now but it's hot and humid still. Everyone is sweating really bad.

Jaydan was able to watch the Uruguay~Ghana game that Uruguay won. Jaydan got a jersey of the guy who scored the winning goal. The game went into 2 extra times and ended in a shootout. Jaydan said it was so intense the whole time and all of Uruguay went crazy when they won. Jaydan said "honestly I can't describe it because there is nothing like it or even close to it the the US." So now the semi's for the world cup is Uruguay vs Holland and Spain vs Germany.

Jaydan is still having a hard time of understanding much of anything and it is hard. He goes blank when he goes to talk but when he stops his head fills with ideas of what he should have said.