Monday, June 28, 2010

Say What?

Jaydan is glad to be out of the CCM. He was getting bored there but then wanted to kind of stay just so he could learn more.

Uruguay is totally awesome. The first day Jaydan got there they settled in the building that is there for people who are visiting the temple. Then the missionaries got to go through the Temple. Jaydan thought that was way cool since he didn't get to go the the Temple in Argentina since it was under construction the whole time he was there. So, in the Temple Jaydan asked for headphones so that he could listen to it in English.....but his didn't work. Then when he got to the veil he was hoping to get someone that spoke English (since they have people that do). The lady at the veil told Jaydan that he was going to do it in Spanish, not English. Jaydan thought he might as well since he really doesn't know it completely in English either. So he was forced to do it in Spanish and of course it was really hard. At that point he realized that he should stop going for the easiest way out. Jaydan knows that he needs to do his part if he expects help from the Lord.

Jaydan is in a place called Paysandu (pie san dew) and his trainer is Elder Longfellow, from Ogden. Elder Longfellow is pretty cool and it's cool that they lived so close to each other before the mission. Paysandu is about a 5 hour bus drive from Montevideo. It's about in the middle of the mission. Jaydan said that he could actually serve in 3 different countries while on his mission, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. The two most North areas are actually in Brazil or at least right on the border. Jaydan plans on trying to get a Jersey from all three Countries to bring home with him.

This is really a hard part of the mission. Jaydan just sits there wondering what is going on. Elder Longfellow is allowing Jaydan times to step in and talk of the things he can and then he just steps back in and picks up where Jaydan left off.

Jaydan's first baptism will be this Saturday. They feel confident that they will have 5 more this month and there are others that are close, so he feels really good about that.

Sacrament meeting was all in Spanish and Jaydan wasn't understanding any of it so he just read from his Spanish Book of Mormon. Most the missionaries say that is how they learned reading the Spanish Book of Mormon. Jaydan said that he is trying everything that he hears about to help him learn the language better. Hopefully he finds something that works for him. He is really not understanding much at all. (I think he is learning patience too)

Jaydan has already had lessons with people are gothic, mentally handicapped, a hooker and a whole lot of interesting people. It's really crazy there.

While it's summer here at home Jaydan is approaching the coldest month of the year. The seasons in Uruguay and Utah are completely opposite of each other.

Jaydan got to watch part of the World Cup while in a members home. The President said that it would be okay if people invited the missionaries in since no one would really listen to the missionaries anyway while the game was going on. Jaydan thought it was cool and loved how crazy the people got when Uruguay would score. They would jump up and down yelling and just being crazy. Jaydan thinks Uruguay just lucky and won....he's not sure how far they can go. (I guess we'll all just wait and see)

Jaydan loves the food that the members prepare for them. In Jaydan's words: "it's so freakin good, I love it."

The little girls in Uruguay are really cute and they are not afraid to go up to the missionaries and just start talking and they are ready to be their best friends. By the time the people are middle aged they lose half of their teeth. (I wonder what Jaydan considers middle aged?) It is disgusting to Jaydan and just kind of gross to be talking to someone with few teeth.

Well that was about all for this week.....he did sent some pics but I can't find them to put them on. He said he has more pictures but it takes a long time to try to download them.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jaydan arrived in Uruguay!

Jaydan made it safely to his mission in Uruguay!

Dear Families!
We are so glad to have your Missionary here with us in the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission. Since they arrived they have had the opportunities to do a session in the Montevideo Temple and meet their trainers! they have also enjoyed some delicious home cooked meals from Sister Peterson and experienced some of the typical Uruguayan cuisine. They are now preparing to travel to their areas and begin a great adventure in the service of the Lord. Thank you so much for preparing your missionary to serve with us here in the Uruguay West Mission!Uruguay Montevideo West Missionp.s.
If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask!
-- Elder CrawfordSecretario EjecutivoLa Misión Uruguay Montevideo Oeste

Jaydan's Group

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Como Esta Familia

"Como esta familia!!! todo bien (all good)??? yo se que si trabajo con didligencia ya trabajo con la espiritu, y si trabajo con la espiritu puedo toque los corazones do las personas, y si yo toque los corazones de las personas peiden recibir salvacion eterno. Su salvacion is en mi monos, entonces si trabajo con diligencia yo se que puedo dio salvacion etern (I know if I work diligence I will work with the spirit I can touch the hearts of the people and if I touch the hearts of the people they can receive eternal salvation, their salvation is in my hands so if I work with diligence I can give them eternal salvation). I hope that is at least somewhat cloe or makes sense. "

Jaydan isn't liking the three companion situation. It is really stressful because the other two companions fight so much that it is ridiculous. It is a big distraction and even makes getting things done in class hard. Jaydan tries talking with each of them but they won't listen. So to release some of his frustration Jaydan talked to his District leader and the very next day Jaydan was called as Senior Companion to be the official mediator in their companionship. He fills like it will still be hard and feels the burden on his shoulders now. Whatever happens, whether good or bad. Jaydan said he is now thankful for Kimi and Jared for teaching him patience. He said the other comps act just like Kimi and Jared but the only thing different is that Jaydan can't get away from them. (hahaha) However Jaydan did admit that they were good yesterday and that it was probably their first good day since the three companionship started. But, then again today they started up again. Jaydan thought that he had a good deal of patience already but he is learning more and will be stronger for sure. He isn't quite sure why he is getting this trial but knows that it is for a reason. He not quite thankful for it yet but is dealing with it.

"So our first proslitismo as the trifecta we got to eat at one of our teachers houses for lunch since he lived right outside our area. It was a green flag all around. The food was so freakin good..WOW."

Jaydan and his original comp wouldn't take no for an answer when they were out talking to people. They would gently push the people to listen to them...they talked about their salvation and would feel the spirit and would know when to back down and quit pushing. This other missionary just says "gracious por su tiempo adios" and they walk off. Jaydan and the other comp couldn't believe it and just stood there like "WHAT?" They had some experience and wouldn't give up so easily. So even though it wasn't the greatest day working together it was still successful and they were still able to reach their goals. "But man these two are hard with their fighting."

Elder Anderson of the 12 came and talked to the missionaries on Tuesday. Jaydan thought it was so awesome that he got to go up and shake his hand and talk to him for a little bit. He felt the spirit and knew that Elder Anderson was a man called of God. The spirit was strong the whole time. He loved seeing who Elder Anderson really was. He is so up beat and funny instead of just being seeing like we see at Conference. While he was talking the time just flew by and Jaydan kept thinking "I hope he isn't through yet"....but then he was. Jaydan said that was a great way to end his CCM experience. (I think the MTC) Jaydan took notes of what was said and also his thoughts and said it was the "Coolest thing ever!" He really loved it!

Whenever some one comes and talks to the missionaries the rules seem to get a little more strict. Like when the two guys from the International MTC's came they almost lost the Corbota Fea (tie thing) and a lot of other things got crazy. Now that Elder Anderson has left everything went crazy and the Corbota Fea is officially dead. The missionaries can't buy anything during lunch at proslitismo anymore for some reason. That was the only time they had to buy anything so no more "alfajores which is no bueno, pero es todobien porque solo cuatro idas mas en la ccm....but it's all good because only 4 more days". (thinks he said it wrong but has 4 days and leaves on Tuesday)

"Times up! I really love you all!"

ps....Hooray for Israel!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick Week

Jaydan said that this week went by super quick and he doesn't really remember much of it.

However Jaydan and his comp got another comp and so now they are a trio. Jaydan thinks it is kind of crazy since the other two kind of fought with each other. He's pretty sure that's why they are all companions. He thought they were going to kill each other the first night and it really hasn't gotten much better. The new comp doesn't think that Jaydan and his first comps ideas are good and that his are always better. Jaydan just credits it to being part of the mission and that they will all learn something from it.

Jaydan is pretty good at being a soccer goalie. He can stop most of the Latino's kick and stuff since he is figuring out their tricks. So he is pretty descent and at least having a good time. They also get to play football which is really fun for Jaydan. Jaydan is a quick kid and they have a hard time stopping him. He loves being able to run and have fun and be competitive once in awhile.

Jaydan is leaning a little more and understanding a little more and really can't wait to get out of the MTC . However he also thinks it would be nice to have more knowledge before he leaves. (Jaydan keeps comparing himself to others and we know what that means....he is noticing the others strengths and is weaknesses....shouldn't do that) He does realize he shouldn't compare himself to others but still it's hard not to.

Jaydan got some upsetting news from home this week and it kind of got him down. He turned in the right direction though and went to his Heavenly Father in prayer. (sorry son....)

He said he LOVES us all and wants us all to be happy! The Gospel is were we find true happiness.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jaydan and the missionaries got to go to some sort of Club for a BBQ. He thought it was pretty sweet. The club had a big pool (without water), 2 giant soccer fields, a bunch of tennis courts, a basketball court, and a bunch of courts for this Argentina game that is like a mixture of tennis and racket ball. You us a tennis ball and you can hit it off the walls like racket ball and the rackets are a little smaller than a tennis one and they're thick pieces of wood with holes in them. (kind of crazy) There were hundreds of picnic tables and what not. It was a great place to go and have fun for anyone. Oh, and it even had jungle gyms and swings. When they left that night Jaydan said his legs were so beat from running all day long and his feet were killing him too but he said "Holy Cow it was so much FUN".

Jaydan said the babies in Argentina are so cute. He said their eyes are just so pretty. Jaydan really loves the little kids but he isn't allowed to touch them so it is kind of hard to play with them. (Jaydan has always loved little kids and is so good with them)

When they got back to the MTC they had a few more classes and Jaydan had a hard time staying awake in them. I guess to help the missionaries stay awake they do Head~Shoulders~Knees & Toes in Spanish the Argentina way and that helps. They had to do that a few times in each class..

Jaydan was feeling like he was understanding more Spanish but today he felt like he understood very little again. They have and "English Fast" this week which means they can't speak any English and Jaydan said it is really hard. He said "wow, I am about to kill myself......but don't worry mom it is just a figure of speech."

More missionaries came again today. (not many Americans though) Jaydan only met his new roommates for a minute because he was in a hurry. He ran in and out and asked where they were from. One is from Argentina and the other is from Chile. Jaydan hopes they are as cool as his last ones. The last ones spoke a bit of English like Jaydan does with Spanish and they were able to help each other out. One of them gave him the best "alfajores" and it was super delicious. (have no clue what he's talking about) He is sure they will be just least he is hoping.

Jaydan is learning so much about the Gospel and is finding cool scriptures that pertain to the lessons that they prepare for. Jaydan thinks it is crazy how the scripture answer questions so specifically if you can just find the right one. He really loves it and says it is ridiculous! (happy to see his testimony of the scriptures growing)

Proselyting was good and bad at the same time this week. Jaydan thought is would be cool all week if it would rain during the time they get to go and proselyte. Well it did....but not just rained it poured the entire 7 hours. Jaydan didn't mind the rain at first but soon it became an inconvenience and was getting everything in his book bag wet. His scriptures and a few papers survived but thats about it. When they tried reaching the people they had made appointments with (calling ahead) either the man of the home wasn't there or wouldn't answer. So, when Saturday came they didn't have a lot of success catching the people home. They would try a few times with no success. Jaydan was bummed because these people had been excited to have them come back. Then it was time to go see Ramon the guy that they had met last week. The one that was pro at everything that they had talked to for quite awhile. The missionaries were saying that if they didn't catch him it would be the worst day ever. Thank goodness he was home because the missionaries really needed that to boost their spirits since they missed so many others and no one was in the streets because of the heavy rain. As they walked up to Ramons door he opened it before the missionaries reached it and said "come in boys, I have been waiting!" Jaydan said that was so finally talk to someone and get out of the rain. He had thought that the rain would help them and people would just let them in so they could get out of the rain but it hadn't. They visited and taught Ramon for just about 2 hours. Every time they asked a question Ramon would answer it and then tell them a 15 minutes story. Jaydan really like Ramon and just thinks he is so cool. He can totally see him getting baptized because there is always such a good feeling when they are with him.

Jaydan said that they met or surpassed all their goals for this week except one where they were one contact short but that was the only one. So number wise it was a good week. He didn't have many spiritual experiences this week though and could really feel a difference in himself. (he felt a little down) All is good though!