Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Week

Jaydan's first week was "freakin crazy" but he said it was in a great way. Of course it is hard but he knows that as long as he studies the Gospel the Lord will help him and bless him on the language and so he isn't worried. He knows that as long as he keeps doing what is right and follows the simple rules there (which aren't too hard) he will be blessed. Oh, and he also knows he needs to study diligently during his study time so that he is doing his part and he will receive the blessings of the language. (I say and be patient!)

On Saturday Jaydan and his companion will get to go out together proselyting for two hours. They go out as missionaries and meet people and talk to them in Spanish just like experienced missionaries do. They will get to do this every Saturday. Jaydan is really excited and can hardly wait. He is excited to talk with people and knows that it will be great practice for him.

Jaydan's companion is from Smithfield, UT. We saw him at the airport and he was the blond one. Jaydan said that they work well together. Like...when it comes to the Gospel and when they are doing Gospel lessons with the fake investigators they "kick the crap" out of them and teach the lessons really well together. "We mold good". When they are just together they have a few issues but they did sit down and talk together so they could get to know each other better and Jaydan said that was beneficial.

Jaydan said the food there in Argentina is pretty good, "not going to lie". At this point he hasn't really had anything that has grossed him out. Yep, he likes the food for sure, no doubt bout it.

Overall the missionaries are pretty cool and chill and the Latino's are pretty funny. The Latino's help a lot with learning Spanish because they know very little English, and Jaydan helps them because he knows little Spanish but help them learn English. So it works out great.

Corbato Fea which means "ugly tie" happens every Wednesday. A bunch of the Elders get their ugliest ties and put them in a bag and then take turns grabbing one out. Jaydan got the second ugliest tie which also happens to be a legend. He thinks it is pretty sweet and since he likes it he said he is popular and that is sweet.

That was all he could say in the time he had but he ended with "HOORAY FOR ISRAEL"

ps. "I am loving it because I am just getting the positive and forgetting about the negative."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Safely There

After a long and tiring plane ride, Jaydan has made it safely to the MTC in Argentina. He can pick out bits and pieces of what people are saying and everything is written in Spanish. He knows it will be tough but that it will also be rewarding. Jaydan met three other Elders in SLC and then picked up two more in Dallas (they are from Canada and Arizona) and then two more in Buenos Aires. (both of them are from Idaho) Jaydan said they were all pretty cool and seem nice so far. Jaydan said that he hasn't seen much yet that he doesn't like. He is already loving the weather and the Temple is close and super sweet.

In the MTC lots of Elders approached the new guys and tried speaking to them in Spanish (dumb guys). Of course the fresh, new Elders have no clue what they are saying to them. For all Jaydan knows they could be making fun of him. He said that since our name is Italian it is even spoken differently, but sounds pretty cool. (he guesses)

The people are pretty nice so far. The streets are small and so are the cars. The MTC is about 5 minutes away from the Airport.

Jaydan said not to worry because he is there and he can't wait to learn some Spanish even though he knows it will be tough and he is a bit nervous. (he realizes that is normal)

He ended with : HOORAY FOR ISRAEL!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Going to the Airport and Good Byes!

Today Jaydan put on his name tag and began his mission experience. He was a bit nervous as expected. His flight was for 12:40 and so we left our house at 10:00 am. Before we left we got pictures of each of us with Jaydan. We met Justin, Natalie and Mya at the Airport so got some with them there. Gramps came over to say his good byes and he had big tears. Made it hard for the rest of us to keep it together. He really loves these boys and is close to them all since we live next door to him. Each time we sent a missionary off he tells them he hopes he doesn't die while they are gone. (Ya, they hope not far~ so good)
Zaden was having a hard time too. He loves Jaydan and is excited one minute and fussy the next. (I wonder if he could just sense the emotions of all of us)
When we arrived at the Airport we spotted a few more missionaries. There was a senior Couple going to Brazil but the rest were young Elders going to Uruguay with Jaydan. There were a total of four. (from: Ogden, Logan, American Fork and Hooper)
We got Jaydan checked in and then just chilled for about an hour. It wasn't too busy and so we could. I don't think any of us wanted to say good bye either. We got a few pictures of all of us together before we said our final good byes. It was kind of sad watching him go through by himself. We knew a few of the missionaries had just gone through though and would be at the gate when he got there.
The final good byes were a bit teary but not too bad. Mostly just a few red eyes. Our hearts just went out to Jaydan as he was headed into unfamiliar territory.
A funny thing that happened after Jaydan was gone and out of sight was a friend of Kevin's (Jason Douglas) had just landed and was going to get his luggage and there we all were. We all greeted him and said we were there to surprise him. We teased and had a few laughs when Kevin asked him how he was getting home. Get this......he didn't know for sure. So we gave him a ride home.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Setting Apart

Jaydan was set apart tonight and given some good advice and counsel. President Jones talked about the "white bible" and his name tag. How both are close to your heart and if you follow the instructions in the white bible you will be blessed. He talked about "remembering". Remember to keep the commandments, remember your name. (you are a disciple of Christ and also your family represent both) You will be remembered for all your hard work and it will be good. Also to be Obedient in all things!

President Christian talked about a sickle and when used probably it is hard work. To raise his voice and declare the open you mouth and speak the words of repentance to the people. You will be blessed as you do open your mouth and raise your voice in teaching those in Uruguay. Invite the Spirit to be with you. You are called where you are suppose to be....where the Lord needed you. Work Hard!

President Malone mentioned that even though you don't have a degree to teach you do have the Priesthood which is more important than any degree. It is through the spirit people will be touched. The things you have always known you will be able to teach to others who haven't always know them. You will gain a vast knowledge of Gospel Truths! Teach faith, hope, charity, and love. Don't try to do anything without the help of the Lord. Don't worry about what is going on at home because God is watching over your family. Don't be a a missionary! You are helping to build Israel....Hooray for Israel! Work Hard....The Gospel is True.

Then Jaydan was set apart in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Priesthood to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to labor faithfully in the Uruguay, Montevideo West Mission. He was told that he would receive blessing as he served with all his heart. He will be able to remember the things that he has been taught and will be able to share those things with others. Jaydan will have the desire to study the scriptures and those scripture habits will carry with him throughout his life. He was blessed to learn and Spanish language and their customs and to appreciate them. He was blessed with Patience...for his companions and the work. He was told to quietly encourage his companions to work hard and to be an example to them. He was blessed to have a deep love for his Mission President and to be obedient so blessing will come to him. He was told that this is his training ground for important things that will come to him through out his life. He will be able to understand the hearts and minds of those he teaches. Jaydan will be able to speak with confidence and power. Many are waiting for Jaydan and he has prepared well for his mission. Our family will be blessed and feel of his hard work and he will feel of our prayers and love for him. He was told to never be discouraged and that the opposite of faith is to be Faithful!

Jaydan's Farewell

Today was Jaydan's farewell for his mission. He did a great job on his talk. We were worried that he wouldn't take his 15 minutes but he surprised us all and took the whole time. Eric Monson was going to speak with him and take up the rest of the time but Jaydan took his time too. I have had a lot of people comment on what a great talk it was. It held people's attention and had a good message. Jaydan spoke on preparing for a mission and what a mission is all about.

He had so much support from everyone. The Church was packed! Someone said there were 376 people there where usually we have just under 200. I am so thankful for the love and support that our family always gets. It's so nice to have. Jaydan had a ton of friends come and many more that texted him all day and said they were sorry that they didn't make it. (we would have ran out of food if there would have been more) I know it made Jaydan feel good to see so many people come and support him.

It was a nice, sunny day and we were able to enjoy it by being outside. We had people here constantly until 10:00 pm. People kept stopping by to see Jaydan and wish him well. Jaydan is loved and he will be able to share that love with the people in Uruguay real soon. Jaydan will be an awesome missionary. He sure is a blessing to our family and by the looks of it today, many other families too. Jaydan makes life enjoyble and will be a blessing to his companions and those he teaches.

Farewell Pictures