Monday, May 2, 2011

Short (I think he just means the letter)

This week was a pretty good one. Jaydan and his comp haven't had the best of luck in finding people. The have been working with old investigators and finding some contacts and getting some referrals. Then after working really hard they got their pay. They found some great people. Olga is getting baptized this week too. Oh and Olga sure loves her "little fatty" aka Jaydan. Olga is so smart and funny and super ready to join the church. She is one of the best people Jaydan has met. I guess she was worshipping the devil directly when she found God. The devil still tries to stop her from going to church and from studying but she is strong and won't give up. Jaydan likes Olga so much he thinks his gramps should think about her. ;)

On Fridays the missionaries play soccer. This Friday it started raining and then harder and harder and the missionaries just stayed and played in the rain. Jaydan said is was super fun. The field was muddy and everyone was falling and so they were all muddy and gross. When Jaydan and his comp got home his comp just walked straight to the shower with his clothes on. Jaydan loves playing in the rain but he doesn't like working in the rain.

Jaydan has a favorite little family that he was having hot chocolate with on Saturday night. While they were talking they asked Jaydan if he thought the girls in Uruguay were cute. Jaydan's response was: "there are girls here?" The boyfriend of the oldest daughter said: "Ya but they walk around with beards." Of course everyone was laughing. (maybe....not sure about the girls) Finally Jaydan admitted that there are some cute girls. The family kept glancing at the daughter who's boyfriend was there and Jaydan thinks that they were suggesting that he come back for their daughter. He just told them that his wife was were she needed to be and he would find her when he was suppose to.

Jaydan ate liver milanesas which were pretty good. Jaydan liked them but his comp didn't.

"Times up....this was short and craptacular".

Mucho Amor de
Thee Elder Ropelato

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