Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today Jaydan went through the Temple. Yesterday we went and bought all his Temple Clothes and garmets. He was excited to go and thought the experience was cool. He had a lot of support from family and friends. It was neat to see his YM leaders from the other ward there. Those that came were: Grandma Ruthie, Mallory & Glen Toomer, Uncle Mark & Aunt Tonya, Aunt Darinda, Uncle Scott & Aunt Erin, Justin & Natalie, Kevin, Brad & Karen Hodson, Sam & Jaimee Moffit, Brian Hotchkiss, Todd & Jennifer Flint, Kerry & Tami Sparks, and Duane & Suzie Arave.

After the Temple we went to our favorite Restaurant, LaFerrovia, for dinner. It was a great day and we are thankful for Jaydan for Choosing the Right!