Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Change Week

this dog had just got hit by a car and was acting just fine sitting there.

Guayan teas cups

Guayan Puff the Magic Dragon....Caterpillar form

Guayan Bumper Cars

Guayan Swings

Guayan Merry Go Round

Guayan Train

Guayan Bull Ride

and finally.....Guayan Pee Troft

It was change week and Jaydan and his comp are staying where they are.

They had divisions with the Zone Leaders where Jaydan came across the dog. Jaydan and the missionary he was with had a lot of success. They were able to find a lot of really good people and families. Jaydan felt really good about it and thought it was awesome.

Thursday was one of the best days ever. They had a lot of lessons with members which are the best and then normal lessons. (not sure what that means) They also found a "butt load" of good people and one big family. Jaydan only met 3 out of 7 of the members of the family. He's is excited to see what happens there.

They visited with their new convert and some of her friends and had a great discussion. She understands the doctrine so well and adds a lot to the discussions. She loves Jaydan so much and actually gave him a present to give to his mom. (it is being sent)

Four of the missionaries were sitting around talking and it was mentioned how the Old Ladies and little kids all really love Jaydan. The people his age like him but the Old and Young Love him! He likes that!

The missionaries bought the Guayan version of Risk and started playing it this morning. The took a break to write home.

Jaydan feels like his patience is constantly being tried. His comps all seem to be a little trunky which makes it hard to work hard. Jaydan would really love to be put with an obedient, hard working missionary. His goes in spurts though and he is dealing with it. "It is what it is".

*a note to gramps....this new convert is planning on marrying ya and Jaydan is bringing her home with him. ;) Spanish classes might be a good thing to consider. (I think she should learn English if she is coming here)

"I am thankful for you all. I pray for you every night....it's true".

Much Love....Thee Elder Ropelato

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