Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello from Uruguay

Jaydan and Elder Hancock from the same zone went on Divisions together this week. Elder Hancock almost pooped his pants and that cracked Jaydan up. (I guess he has already once) The day before Divisions Jaydan and his comp had talked to Olga (new convert). She was going to meet with the Bishop and take her friend along so she wouldnt have to walk home alone. While on Divisions Jaydan felt like they should stop by the church. It was a good thing because Olga's friend wasn't there. However a guy was there that needed a blessing and he asked the missionaries to give him one. Jaydan gave him the blessing and then the guy left. It was as if he was just waiting for them. Then they were able to walk Olga home. A friends of Olga's was at her house visiting with family and her friends nephew had a lot of questions and so the Missionaries were able to talk to him. Jaydan thought it was really cool. The best part about the story was this kid had been asking Olga a bunch of questions before she had gone to meet with the Bishop and she had asked the Bishop for help in answering them. Then right as she walked out there were the missionaries and that made her very happy. Jaydan feels like he was in the right place at the right time and following the spirit. It felt good! Olga told Jaydan that she doesn't like him going out of the area. She doesn't want other missionaries coming without Jaydan. She just loves him so much.

During divisions they went to an older ladies house. Her name is Iliana. While they were there another lady showed up. Her name is Laura, and Laura's mom take care of Iliana at night. Laura stopped by to see if Iliana needed anything and said that she just "felt" like she should stop by. Jaydan and Elder Hancock talked with Laura for about 10 minutes but then she had to leave and pick up her daughter. She asked the missionaries not to leave but they had to. They gave Iliana a Book of Mormon with their testimony in it so she could give it to Laura. Two days later they found Laura's house and she told them that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and thanks. So the spirit had guided them again and it was awesome.

Jaydan stopped by a less active members house and she needed help building a fire. Jaydan's comp built her one but it only lasted 5 to 10 minutes. Jaydan built another one which was really good. The lady was making fun of Jaydan's comp and Jaydan just laughed and gave credit to his scouting.

They found another lady named Dianna and talked with her. They thought they were having an awesome lesson until Dianna told them she wouldn't pray and ask if it was true. She said she wasn't interested. She said she doubted there was a God that loved everyone. Why would there be rich and poor and stuff like that if there was a God. They talked to her and we able to get her to believe that there is a God and that He loves her and the whole world.

Well that's it for this week.

"Freaking tons of love"
Thee Elder Ropelato

ps. The mission doesn't accept packages over 2 kilo's (2 1/2 lbs) or shipping that is more than $50. That's a new rule just so you will know.

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